Still Pluto – Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart


Still Pluto

“Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart”

К сожалению не всегда получается сделать все во время и по иронии судьбы, данный сингл, который должен был выйти в августе, увидел свет на лейбле только в декабре.
Может даже это и к лучшему…
Ведь же приятно, холодным зимним вечером придаваться теплым летним воспоминаниям и ещё раз пережить все самые лучшие эмоции.

Sound Engineering: Blomberg Studio
Artwork: Мария Пеганова
Texts & Music by Still Pluto

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Pasquale Maassen – Stupide mit Ziel


Pasquale Maassen

“Stupide mit Ziel”

Originally Released on 12″ as Jerkbox002 back in 2003.

Wings of an Angel – The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art


Wings of an Angel

“The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art”

I have a love-hate relationship with art in general. Because very often artists lack self-humor and too often suffer from a Napoleonic Complex. They look upon themselves from such heights and perceive their work to be of unmatched grandiosity. Look and reflect on your favorite artists and/or bands – how much they seek the approval and passionate love from their audiences, to the point it becomes hilariously odious. Groupies and more groupies, men and women alike, and collectors who worship their guru artists as if they were living gods… Today, at the front door of the new year, I feel so detached from all this glamour.
My point of reference is: in this time and age, we have to expand the limits of what art is and how we as individuals and as a culture perceive a certain work of art.
This LP is titled accordingly, and symbolizes a vision according to which art has an end or rather art might end at some point. Metaphorically, I feel as if artists are not as important a persona as they are often perceived and/or vision themselves to be. Unfortunately, unlike human touch, art cannot comfort one on his or her deathbed. Art is a remarkable transitional object, but it’s no substitute for so many things and experiences. Artistic creations become obsolete, they weary off with time, lose their initial relevance, become inanimate, inorganic and abiotic. This is why, although some would call me an artist (a title I don’t seek nor need in my age) – I look upon art in general and my creative adventures in particular with a lightweight tone…

Substak – Atmosfera




Intuición Abstracta Netlabel:

Artista/Banda: Substak
Titulo: Atmosfera
Catalogo: [IA_06]
Tracks: 4
Duración: 14 Min.
Estilo: Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Licencia: Creative Commons 2014

Todos los tracks producidos por Substak.
Todos lo tracks masterizados por Vytis Dineika.

Telegraphy – Me, Without A Name



“Me, Without A Name”

Telegraphy’s eighteenth release here on Ionosonde Recordings. Tying our shoes on bubble gum ground is as close as a description for this “shoe gazed” five tracked experimental dubed techno EP. “Me, Without A Name” explores the inner most part of ourselves. The “I” of consciousness is only but a clumsy word that attempts to describe you and me. Without the “I”, how can we have the “ME”. The two must exist. So – “I” Telegraphy give you “Me, Without A Name.” Enjoy!

Hank Hobson – Train In The Woods


Hank Hobson

“Train In The Woods”

Is it possible to travel not leaving your favourite armchair? Yes, it is, if there is “Train In The Woods” mini-album playing in your headphones. From a desolate railway station lost in the woods, where there is not a living soul present, just the wind whistling in the posts and rare through trains break the silence, an old train will take you around our mighty country, and you will be dreaming about all the places you haven’t visited yet to the rhythmical throbbing of the wheels. And eventually you will find yourself on the coast of the ocean, breaking its waves against the deserted shore, day and night, and this will be the end of your trip.

Music by Hank Hobson

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Tigerberry & Haunt – 起死回生


Tigerberry & Haunt


Ритуальные танцы кибер оккультистов.
Интернет-медиумы вызывающие мертвых из битых секторов жестких дисков.
VHS-духи поселившиеся в по другую HD экранов.
Дискотека во время конца Вселенной под уцелевшие послания Великих Древних на обветшавшей магнитофонной пленке.

Music by Tigerberry & Haunt

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Point – Flatpad EP



“Flatpad EP”

Point is back with warm sounds for cold days! Stronger than never before, Point made a brilliant development into sophisticated sounds while he never forgets his roots in deep spaces and smart melodies.

This EP is a fantastic piece of music for good moments in your life.

Rebelo – Anachronism




Out Out Out
ILK 009
Title Ep:Anachronism
3 Minimal tracks
01 Benediction_(Original_Mix)
02 Lost_Sea_(original_mix)
03 Spicy_Berlin_(Original Mix)

abjective – black ][ trees



“black ][ trees”

abjective from saint petersburg join tonAtom for their latest release. this artistic project of two brothers melts ambient, idm and glitch into unique compositions on their quest to discover and create new sounds.
13 tracks focusing on the topic of life and birth, death and re-birth are the building blocks for this full-length release “black ][ trees”. music for both brain and soul. an inspiring album and an incredible new entry to the tonAtom catalogue. welcome, abjective!

and in their own words:
“what is it, that dead trees speak about? about life and death, love and hate, happiness and pain. when foliage has fallen and beauty has ceased to be the raison d’etre, wisdom and knowledge move into focus.
black trees – music made of starlight lost among bare branches.”

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