NCRPTD.DSCRPTN – Extrasensory Perception



“Extrasensory Perception”

Stato Elettrico presents Extransensory Perception by NCRPTD.DSCRPTN from Mexico City. Celebrate the Netlabel Day 2016 with this awesome six-track’ album for audio visceral techno music.

Extransensory Perception tracklist:

Colateral (Fix Ultra Remix)
High Heart
Malaki Experience
Long Respect
Sunglasess Warrantie

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Faex Optim – Start with the River


Faex Optim

“Start with the River”

This time last year, Faex Optim released an album for Netlabel Day 2015 (Mercury) and this year, once again to coincide with Netlabel Day we have a brand new nine track album by Faex Optim entitled ‘Start with the River’.

Igloomag describes Start with the River ‘Collecting tranquil interludes gone astray, broken childhood samples, psychedelic undertones and kaleidoscopic colors colliding in blissful accord, this is where Faex Optim resides. A place where corroded percussion, fragmented melodies and disjointed harmonies swirl in cohesive unity.’

Faex Optim once again gives us an amazing release drawing of strong influences from Boards of Canada, and every fan of Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin will be blown away by these tracks, Ennet House and Moscow School being two favourites for this fan.

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Sun Ambient – Rising Sun


Sun Ambient

“Rising Sun”

01.Sun Ambient – Rising Sun
02.Sun Ambient – The Beginning Of The Way
03.Sun Ambient – Unlimited Aspiration
04.Sun Ambient – Minuet DMOLL
05.Sun Ambient – Lonely Ruins
06.Sun Ambient – Setting Sun
07.Sun Ambient – Under The Stars
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Mas&Delayer – Roads

[NYB-EXT 015]



Mas&Delayer – Roads

1) South Road_Intro
2) North Road
3) West Road
4) East Road
5) Let’s go Mars_Outro
6) South Road Intro (Osinski Late Night Rmx)
7) South Road Intro (Osinski Shoreditch Rmx)
8) East Road (D_Smoker Rmx)
9) North Road (TYM Rmx)
10) West Road (Bakra dub Rmx)

Noisybeat Extended 015

ph: Eu Andros

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Tale Twist – Wry Way


Tale Twist

“Wry Way”

ARTIST: Tale Twist
RELEASE DATE: July 01, 2016
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps / 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: IDM, Downtempo, Glitch, Experimental
SIZE: 75,7 MB


01. Birds Migration (5:30)
02. Come On Out (4:41)
03. Km 001 (2:40)
04. Pack Your Bags (4:06)
05. Pluck Line (4:32)
06. Power Tripless (3:04)
07. Road To Marrocos (2:36)
08. Shortcut To Elijah (4:04)

This is a conceptual CD. All the tunes in this LP are related to a journey, a given path, a force that drives us away that has no beginning, no ending; it is just a universal force, a way, a wry way, with its twists and turns. It certainly does tell a story. The whole concept is of a wry way that takes shape everyday in ourlives, doesn’t matter where we are nor where we want to go. Each one of the sounds have its own soul, its inner vibration, it’s very self. Apart from all this, they are all linked by a theme, they are tied by a very tide node. This bond or bondage, this attraction of the individuals to a greater reality, all of them having something different to say because they have been through different paths, strange ways, wry ways, like me, perhaps like you too, some day, some time, in the past, present and future.

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“Tone Control”


released July 7, 2016 on FEUERSTEIN Records (Cat #: FSR004)

album credits

recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Trap Studio

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I Neurologici, Miz Brown, Resina, Ras Moray, Shiny D – Dub Lucky Riddim


I Neurologici, Miz Brown, Resina, Ras Moray, Shiny D

“Dub Lucky Riddim”

Scorching heat, but the Riddim To Riddim series does not stop. Although late, this riddim comes to refresh us, previously unreleased but tied to the second release of the series, Get Chicken as fraternal twins.
The first two tracks are interpretations of two exceptional female voices, which give us two shades as diverse as equally intimate and personal. The first marks the return of Miz Brown with her powerful voice and her confident style, the second is the debut in the reggae scene of Resina that gives more new sounds to the Roman dub collettive’s music.
The third track is another Ras Moray’s song from the album Out Of City, always with a new mix for the occasion.
Our last guest is another Riddim To Riddim’s assiduous: Shiny D with another perfectly fitting melodica version.
As always the riddim closes the release, for use of those who want to try their skills with I Neurologici’s productions.
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Various – Modismo 4



“Modismo 4”

Modismo brings a new compilation album with unknown music that celebrates diversity and shows a solid union, coherence and artistic commitment. A light from the world of creation to everyone that wants to see it and embrace it. With new talents, a clear focus on innovation and technology, the forth compilation album of Modismo gathers the most representative producers from this record label. With a selective convocatory of artists, its a musical celebration of its own existence that wants to keep up with contemporary electro in a work full of details.
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C-Doc – Quit




After a month of keeping things rather quiet, we’re back to kick things off for July! Today we’ve got “Quit”, the brand new single from C-Doc’s forthcoming instrumental album Do Androids Die For Electric Sins?!

The album, along with new releases by Ant The Symbol, Donnie Ozone, Tha Silent Partner, The Impossebulls & mGee, is set to drop on Thursday, July 14th, also known as Netlabel Day! On that same day we also launch our brand new CC-BY licensed samplePack series… get ready!

Now back to today’s single… with it and the album C-Doc wanted to explore a more electronic sound to go with a theme that sonically pays homage to one of his favorite films, “Blade Runner”. So, BR fans, get ready to pour over every detail to catch every reference! Even if you’re not a fan of the film, the music is dope… so check it.

Thanks to C-Doc for yet again going above and beyond and delivering some incredible new music!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

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C. Reider / Tarkatak – Azure Bell, Midnight Well


C. Reider / Tarkatak

“Azure Bell, Midnight Well “

Collaborations with Lutz Pruditsch of Tarkatak seem to have an extremely long gestation period. When we first collaborated on The Druser Pricid, the recording was completed in 2000, but not released until 2003. The same is true of Azure Bell, Midnight Well. Lutz and I exchanged sources long enough ago that I completely have forgotten when it was. The sources sat for a long time, unused. Then music began to take form, then the unfinished mixes sat for a few more years. I determined myself to get the mixes finished sometime last year, only to find that my contact info for Lutz was out of date, and he no longer has much internet presence! I finally sent the masters to him in April 2016 and we agreed to go ahead with this release. Our first release together has always had a lot of admirers, I hope this one also finds receptive ears. ////////

All sounds on this release were manipulated, arranged and composed by C. Reider, using sound sources provided by Lutz Pruditsch.

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Push Against New Fakes – morality


Push Against New Fakes


“[im]mor[t]ality” contains 10 tracks and represents a new search and a new definition of his sound. It’s a work built on bass frequencies and obsessive melodies sometimes dark, sometimes gray, sometimes just simply blue as the sky can be.
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r. – Canciones de Atardecer



“Canciones de Atardecer”

Segunda edición de este gran álbum, que va desde un folk lo-fi hasta una sicodelia melancólica y femenina, canciones llenas de imaginario visual, con un sonido bien particular y que personalmente sentimos como único. Lanzado originalmente hace un par de años atrás, re-emerge con un nuevo arte, y algunos temas extras grabados en el intertanto, como si con el tiempo se hubiese perfeccionado así mismo, volviéndose mucho más coherente con lo que propone sonoramente, disponible en descarga gratuita, pero también pronto en una edición limitada en formato físico.
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Into The Oblivion – Lost Connection


Into The Oblivion

“Lost Connection”

Segundo EP de éste proyecto ruidista, que toma los sonidos sucios y gastados creados por Ragazzi D’inverno, para deformarlos aún más, 5 remix que suenan a nuevos temas, pero que dejan entrever que fueron hechos única y exclusivamente usando y deformando pistas de audios de los temas que mezclan de R-D’i.

Un trabajo gestado mientras el dúo estaba activo, y que quedó congelado una vez que se pierde la conexión, sin embargo, al fin ve la luz aunque lo cierto es que no propone del todo un viaje agradable, sonoramente hablando.

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Ragazzi D’inverno – Stolltamina


Ragazzi D’inverno


“Extrañas líneas de bajo, sampledelia, voces y raros conceptos son el hilo conductor de éste trabajo difícil de categorizar dentro de una línea musical, pues los ritmos y la música electrónica se mantienen bajo una arritmia y sonidos orgánicos: la contradicción en sí misma. Un disco que suena a un viaje lisérgico, como una pesadilla que deja un buen gusto al despertar”

Ragazzi D’inverno fueron un dúo de experimentación sonora formado y disuelto hace unos años atrás, alcanzaron a sacar un EP llamado “Iaio Wheelchair Army” y éste su único LP. rescatamos éste trabajo medio perdido en el tiempo, y poco tomado en cuenta pues nos gusta su sonido, el que aun pasando por muchos filtros digitales sigue sonando análogo y sucio.

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martin rach – impassable terrains


martin rach

“impassable terrains”

Four quasi-improvisations. Drums, synths recorded and then processed, plus alto saxophone in tracks 1 and 3, tenor saxophone with two different length pieces of watering hose in tracks 2 and 4. Feedback loops in track 2.
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Knolios – Contradictions




01.Knolios – Cloud
02.Knolios – Contradictions
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Various – Pfff! Monument to The Noise



“Pfff! Monument to The Noise”

Pfff! Monument to The Noise

There’s no music here. Music has been outdated. This release is a Monument to The Noise.
It’s the hundredth and simultaneously the first release of MAV Records.
We adopted the dead drop method, ideated by Aram Bartholl and consisting of the installation of USB devices in public spaces. Anyone can use our dead drops for sharing, uploading or modifing audio files.
Pfff! flows and evolves through different realities, dis/integrating into the environment, getting vaporized.


Pfff! Monumento al Rumore

Non c’è nessuna musica qua. La musica è stata superata. Questa pubblicazione costituisce un Monumento al Rumore.
È la centesima e contemporaneamente la prima pubblicazione della MAV Records; abbiamo adottato il metodo del dead drop, ideato da Aram Bartholl e consistente nell’installazione di dispositivi USB in spazi pubblici. Chiunque può usare i nostri dead drop per scaricare, caricare o modificare file audio.
Pfff fluisce e si evolve nelle varie realtà, dis/integrandosi nell’ambiente, vaporizzandosi.

00 – mAvvertenze
01 – hiyohiyoipseniyo – p o s t b L a b L a B L A
02 – Laika Facsimile – Tagli della morte
03 – Tommaso Busatto – Vvv
04 – Multimedia Sepulchri – Finding
05 – Rocco Perciante – snare75
06 – Vitaldo Conte + Antonio Saccoccio + Helena Velena – Sì solo po emi (Pulsional RU.MO.RE!)
07 – Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – calibration point
08 – Infector http:// – Phase One
09 – Stefano Balice – Mozzafiato (tattilofonia)
10 – Koobaatoo Asparagus – Uhh Man & Women
11 – The Finer Points Of Sadism – Cultivate
12 – NOS project – x-f
13 – 7tn4cc – MAV Helicopter E-attack
14 – Hank the Think Thank – ep1K oU!
15 – Nostra Orchestra Estemporanea – Gigi
16 – Sounddog65 – In Primis
17 – Nascitari – Breve introduzione alla dottrina dell’isolamento
18 – Eugene Furrno – zwischenheit
19 – Rome Kapone – Electrovoice Demo #-1 (voice altered by Moduler Gee)
20 – Ben Presto – Chanel Cristo n. 34 (Ipercoop approved)
21 – Marco Olivieri Circus – Dedicato a Viola nascitura
22 – Trapianto di Fegato – Zzzachete
23 – Toxic Chicken – I Want It
24 – Max Scordamaglia – Errore
25 – Hengedal – Sørvind
26 – Mustard-In-Law – Grey Poupon For Bing Bong
27 – Jesus Cremoso + Obasquiat – Embryonic
28 – DJ Crivellator – Sulle avanguardie pseudoartistiche nate nell’internet
29 – Blade Painnet – Pubblico di mmerda (musicoralità)
30 – Movimento per l’Arte Vaporizzata – Antidefinizione

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Depersonalization Syndrome – DXM


Depersonalization Syndrome


We were waiting for this Depersonalization Syndrome album impatiently! We proudly present “DXM” – 40 minutes of “top-shelve” alternative/synth metal. This group from Pavlodar/Kazakhstan simply rock as hell and will infect you with their crazy sense of humour. They conquered our hearts with “Project Gleenah” single and now coming back with the full album. Just thinking… When we heard something that good and that style and felt this way last time? Only “Toxicity” by System Of A Down crossed our minds.


01. Piano Roll (1:30)
02. Hand Roll (4:49)
03. Break Me Down (5:14)
04. Fade Away (3:48)
05. Project Gleenah (3:40)
06. Some Shit (1:12)
07. Never (4:46)
08. Pussy Balls (4:33)
09. Zero (5:44)
10. Love My Hand (5:10)

Total time: 40:26

All music and lyrics written and performed by Depersonalization Syndrome.

Mixed and mastered by Igor Yatsina.

Album art by Koksma. []


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Bjorn Jordan is a musician who already know, being a member of Phobos 3. Here with Matteo Pinna at the drums gives us the new single of Ish The sign, a very interesting project that takes us between esoteric mysteries, Tool and good writing at the edge of wet forests on the edge of the sea . You will be impressed by the power of images to what is Bjorn, or a modern shaman, who leads us where he wants, where there is peace.
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Nor – Bicchiere Mezzo Pieno



“Bicchiere Mezzo Pieno “

We are happy and honoured to have Nor in our label. Nor is a young rapper from Savona, a city that got a good names in rap, like Dsa Commando, Overkill Army and others. Here we had a little talk with hi,e, and Nor confirmed to be a true rapper, never obvious. He talks well, but his music speaks better, rap without redemption for nothing and no one. Show no mercy.

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