Junya Nishimura – Instant EP+


Junya Nishimura

“Instant EP+”


■ Bonus track (M-4)
20 min Piano Improvisation @ sitting room

03.”Mirror II”

※No field recording (There is neighborhood noise)

■ Bonus item
Wallpaper (iPhone6, iMac, Macbook pro)

All tracks by Junya Nishimura
Artwork by ono & Junya Nishimura

[Artist info]

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V.A. – Kaoson kaj kontrolo



“Kaoson kaj kontrolo”

The chaos and control, humans and machines, nature and civilization, immigrant and borderlines, freedom and domestication, privacy and geolocalization, music and sonic weapons. With music by Elypixa, Lezet, In Vitro, Ivan Black, Lingua Lustra, Triangular, Esoteric Sob, DDO feat. Eddine Saïd, Nulix, DjrefugeeSW, K.smith and TSS Tortue Super Sonic.
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Knyaz Mishkin – 16+


Knyaz Mishkin


Live during the festival 16+ (16.08.2015, Kiev, Ukraine).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop;
Dzmitry Ladzes – laptop.
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Jari Pitkänen – Twilight Star Channeling


Jari Pitkänen

“Twilight Star Channeling”

Mashup album by Jari Pitkänen mixing nordic doom metal and ethereal celestial ambient into a 3 track EP. The first EP of a 2 part series closing Enough Records Anonymous Archives cycle.
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Echo Hazard – Salad Shark…. in Space


Echo Hazard

“Salad Shark…. in Space”

Another guest artist graces the collective this time, Norwegian artist ‘Echo Hazard’. Combining the genres of ambient and idm with lounge, Echo Hazard has created a classic chill out EP which wouldn’t be out of place in the background of any chillout lounge… except for the idm and electronica elements which demand your attention throughout.

The strangely titled ‘Salad Shark… in Space’ is an eight track EP with sublime tracks like PalladiumS, Nuke the Sun and Boreholes, with echos of Budha Building and perhaps a touch of Solar Fields and Cell.

Track of choice: Boreholes. Mastering by Mnemonic Studios. Enjoy!

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José Guillén – Órbitas


José Guillén


NEW RELEASE on Plus Timbre
by José Guillén
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Rewx – Antilia




Rewx is an argentinian producer. He’s presents new work called Antilia, perfect for big room techno party.
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Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara – Curators Of Corruption

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara

“Curators Of Corruption”

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Dustywork – Dystopia




Stato Elettrico presenta Dystopia di Dustywork un ep dalle sonorità dub, techno, industrial con ritmiche distorte, effetti, esoteriche linee di synth e bassi graffianti che ti catturano portandoti nelle profondità del suono techno e sperimentale più oscuro.

Danzando sulle macerie della razionalità Dustywork assembla questi tre brani nei quali ogni pensiero di pace e tranquillità si perde nel magma sonoro generato.

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Eva Schlegel – Northland


Eva Schlegel


Композиции, написанные около четырёх лет назад в ходе бесконечных экспериментов с записью различных звуков и шумов окружающей среды на диктофон, которые в процессе проходили множество обработок и переработок…
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