chloe orin x ono – forM #02


chloe orin x ono

“forM #02”


remixed & reconstructed “chloe orin’s works” by ono

Special Thanks : chloe orin
[ artist info ]
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David Vélez – Fortore


David Vélez


David Vélez | Fortore
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Paolino Canzoneri – Planemo


Paolino Canzoneri


Paolino Canzoneri is an italian non musician. His experimental approach is an alchemy of acoustic samplings and sonorous fragments, research of sounds and effects that seem to interact in a suggestive way. As a result, the compositions may consist of ambient music, sometimes hypnotic, rhythmic loops with an impression of claustrophobic atonality.The modular synthesis creates sound flows with prolonged dynamics and dilated interlaced by horizontal structure that involves the repetition of sound nucleous, cycles constructed by stacking layers on layers that instill in the listener a feeling of inertia until the end of execution.

Planemo tracklist:

– Spazioporto fuori città
– Planemo
– Sabbia di Marte

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Safir Nòu – Groundless


Safir Nòu


Safir Nòu (Antonio Firinu) is a composer, guitarist and accordionist.
The music collected in the album Groundless could be identified as “total music”, influenced by different styles and genres, from world music to post-rock to jazz. The sounds and the melodies bring the listener to an ethereal and hypnotic dimension, which is the “groundless” dimension indeed.
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Struktur – ça tourne pas rond

yann detroit – redway


yann detroit


3 minimal tracks
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Jimmy Watt


His work methodology focuses mainly on the capture, extraction, editing and storage of audio samples from different sources:
records on the street
dialogues extracts
audiovisual edits and converts of radio signals and many other sources.

Transforms, relentlessly, curtails, beheads and sews sound works from different backgrounds and authors, providing the glue that comes from analog-digital instruments and audio processors and resulting in a “sound narration” split into parts.

His sound works do not drop below 20 minutes for just such narrative, where there is a development from defined introduction to epilogue.

Detests the “digital finishing” of sound with a computer. For that reason dirty, gnawing and saturated sounds prevail (but without spoiling the record), thus achieving kind of a sound archeology.

His creative concepts pursues mysticism, the occult, time,
religions, the process that leads to contemplation,
the silence, the pause, the suspension, death and upstarts.

No musician describes himself
according to their own words.

“What I do not see myself as music, I do not feel musical, I not position myself musically.
I DO NOT THINK musically, I’m more close to the investigation,
to the pamphleteer, the readymade and the situation.
Even so shamanic
the Medium
No rhythm and no melody that dominates the whole picture.
Abuse of rhythm and melody is a necessary evil for those who can not handle a drift.
It’s like being in a large room without light. You need to touch the walls and artifacts that fill the room to feel welcome in the position and perspective.”

Max Scordamaglia – This is not a Tape Vol.3


Max Scordamaglia

“This is not a Tape Vol.3”

Max Scordamaglia

This is not a Tape Vol.3 [0kbps103]

A01-Solo 05 – Piano Clusters 1
A02-Raw Material V – 02 – OtherSounds
A03-EEtudes V-14 PMin-2
A04-No-Is II – 17 Myray (short)
A05-Solo 04 – Bleep
A06-EEtudes V-01 Serie12-Alg1
A07-Raw Material V – 07 – Inst1
A08-Raw Material IV – 13 – AstraNoise (short)
A09-EEtudes On The Run 17 – MultiKey
A10-What’s Normal – E01 – VHF 3
B01-EEtudes IV-03 GminKey-2VoicesAlt
B02-Raw Material V – 08 – RF+
B03-Noisam 04 – Fx_03-04-05
B04-EEtudes V-16 PMin-4
B05-Ratio III -04-Myyms (short)
B06-EEtudes On The Run 18 – SerialBackwChorus
B07-Noisam 02 – Cry and rain (short)
B08-Dead Tunes – E1 – Slow
B09-14-EEtudes IV-12 FromCmajToFmin+bridge
B10-EEtudes III-20 1Key-1expand-2NewTriads

MAV [0kbps103] Records, September 2016

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V.A. – Friends & Family 4


“Friends & Family 4”

Summers nearly over and with it, It’s nearly time for us to celebrate our 5th Anniversary (Where has the time gone) We are proud to present to you our 4th in the series of Friends & Family compilations featuring some of our favourite people in the scene.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, it’s an honour to be able work with so many of you and it’s with great pride we call you our Family.

Wings of an Angel – Worldview Collapses Like A River Dam

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel

“Worldview Collapses Like A River Dam”

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Nobody’s Nail Machine – Нет равномерности (Re-Mastered)


Nobody’s Nail Machine

“Нет равномерности (Re-Mastered)”

01-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Вакуумная АБ(11:12)
02-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Пролёт(5:40)
03-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Неравномерная Деформация(6:04)
04-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Нет Равномерности(11:11)
05-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Подземная Атомная Электростанция(17:57)
06-Nobody’s Nail Machine – Heat Absorber(15:50)
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Space Monkey Death Sequence – Scarsdale


Space Monkey Death Sequence


Denny Wicker is an accountant who just moved to Scarsdale, New York. He thought he found a way to shut up his noisy neighbors but, with the help of eager Phil Laurie, he stumbled upon much more than that.

Recorded in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon.

Written by Dominic and Madeline Francisco.

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Artem Bemba – Sanctuary


Artem Bemba


Artem Bemba — Sanctuary

Sanctuary, это следующий, после Hedgehog Feathers, опыт работы в стиле джаз-фюжн. Писался он примерно год, на трех разных квартирах, которые Артём успел за это время поменять. Здесь уже не использовался саксофон, но было большое количество клавишных партий и гитарных соло. Также в этом альбоме впервые использовались более новые и качественные семплы ударных инструментов.

«Первоначально хотел объединить песни концепцией сыпучих тел, но потом от этой идеи отказался. От нее остались только названия двух композиций — Flour и Sawdust. Затем я обратил внимание на какое то общее умиротворенное и спокойное настроение целого альбома и решил назвать пластинку Sanctuary, то есть, место, в котором всегда можно укрыться и отдохнуть от всех проблем. К этой концепции непосредственно относиться название последней композиции — Sheltering Shell. Так, что у меня получился альбом-убежище от ежедневных проблем и хлопот.»

P.S.: «Был у меня и «проклятый» трек, который постоянно зависал, самоизменялся, уничтожался и попросту не хотел нормально записываться, но чтобы уберечь слушателей, я не скажу который это трек.»

Press & Support :

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The Cherry Blues Project – Ana Paula Santana & The Cherry Blues Project: Remixes


The Cherry Blues Project

“Ana Paula Santana & The Cherry Blues Project: Remixes”

The Cherry Blues Project reinterpreta piezas sonoras de Ana Paula Santana.

Ana Paula Santana González
(Guadalajara, Jalisco, México b.1985)

Sobre Ana Paula, en sus palabras:

Me interesan los sonidos constantes, maquinales, abrumadores. Me interesa la relación del sonido y el cuerpo humano, el cual entiendo como un material absorbente que incesantemente admite y reacciona a frecuencias del exterior. Me interesa la voz, la experimentación con los límites de nuestra voz y el fenómeno simpático entre la voz propia y las voces que nos apropiamos. Mi creación artística se sitúa en medio del campo del performance y la instalación y con frecuencia es motivada por ideas y fundamentos de índole antropológico.

My interest is based in constant sounds, machinelike , overwhelming. I’m interested in the relationship between sound and the human body , which I understand as an absorbent material that constantly receives and reacts to frequencies from outside. I’m interested in the voice , in experimenting with the limits of our voice and the sympathetic phenomenon between the own voice and the voices that we appropriate . My artistic creation is in the middle of the performance and installation and is often motivated by ideas and foundations of anthropological nature .


The Cherry Blues Project
Arte sonoro – música experimental – Dark ambient
Argentina, desde el año 2001

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TwichGarden – Grim




01.TwichGarden – BITCH SLAP x TURBOCLEAN(3:44)
02.TwichGarden – Grime(2:36)
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Bainmass – Winter Ep



“Winter Ep “

The beat teacher is back, an electronic craftsman with a different from the previous ep always on In Your Ears. Carmine aka Bainmass uses fewer samples but always produces powerful things, phrasing of beats that will make us move happy. None voice is needed on these rhythms, so they are beautiful. A different vortex from the first, but always sweet, less electronic, but hot as ever, because in Bainmass sun and rapadopa never fail.

Torna un maestro del beat, un artigiano elettronico con un ep differente rispetto al precedente sempre su In Your Ears. Carmine aka Bainmass usa meno campionamenti ma produce sempre cose potentissime, fraseggi di beats che ci faranno muovere contenti.Non è necessaria la voce su questi ritmi, talmente sono belli. Un vortice diverso dal primo, ma sempre dolcissimo, meno elettronico ma caldissimo come sempre, perchè in Bainmass il sole e la rapadopa non mancano mai.

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V.A. – Codex Internum



“Codex Internum”

Welcome to our internal archive of sounds, the music painted inside ourselves.
In this compilation: Zoran, In Vitro, Marco Lucchi and Glenn Sogge, Elypixa, Esoteric Sob, Capisconne, Ray Garrido, Ohuican, Eckul, Vate, Substak, Solef, Twin Peetz and Moolsaasa, Lezet, Jimmy Watt, Nulix, Lingua Lustra, Ivan Black, AxBx.
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Hengedal – Dødssynd





Dødssynd [0kbps102]

01 – forkynnelse
02 – dum boogie
03 – fristelse
04 – avstamning
05 – stump
06 – snøskred
07 – dødssynd
08 – utgang

Peter L. : guitar, bass, sampling
Cover art by el sol funebre (

MAV [0kbps] Records, August 2016

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Organism – Blik




ORGANISM – project playwright and musician Paul Rassolko from Minsk. Formed in 2002, the year with the acquisition of the analog synthesizer “Polivoks”, broken deck “Vega” and the Soviet equalizer. The advent of the computer in 2003 and it “embellish” the sound of music. Favorite software – “FL Studio 9” and “Adobe Audition 1.0” – that is, no “apples” and all that fashionable. ORGANISM is another Pavel’s project that is the most “listenable” and “poppy” compared to his own project [mikra].

Album “Blik” recorded mostly in the “live” via MIDI keyboard. The concept of old: music software, film fragments and other “sound”, randomly snatched from the Internet.

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The Impossebulls – Five By Five I: Wrath


The Impossebulls

“Five By Five I: Wrath”

Today I’m so psyched to present to you Five By Five I: Wrath, the first of five new EPs that The Impossebulls will be dropping from now until December!

After the release of Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different, the Bulls originally intented on creating a series of five EPs, each with five songs, but that eventually evolved into a new album and the five EPs! Thus began the idea of a six month release schedule! So Bulls fans… get ready… more dopeness to come! What… you’re just discovering the Bulls? Well, dig… check this out and then check out their back catalog.

Many thanks goes out to The Impossebulls for continuing to bring that classic hip-hop in this era of mumble “rappers”, trappers and twerkers. Perhaps some day boom bap will once again be considered hot. Davy J… I hope that your generation can rectify the situation… your dad is doing a good job teaching you… perhaps other dads are teaching their youth, as well. Word.

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

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