SoundChaser – Floating Through Mist on the Quays



“Floating Through Mist on the Quays”

The first release from SoundChaser on the newly minted CerebralAudio netlabel.
There are two versions of the piece “Floating Through Mist on the Quays” on this release. The title piece is a floating drifting ethereal soundscape. Experiment Five is an altern, slightly shorter and more noisy version.

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Netlabel Day Recap on Music Manumit

Netlabel Day Recap on Music Manumit

Netlabel Day Logo

Doug of Music Manumit reflects first Netlabel Day with SndChaser.

Azureflux – Pocket Boy



“Pocket Boy”

8bit/16bit album by Portuguese project Azureflux. Including a few remix works for ogui, Dragão Inkomodo, Bit Shifter and Irisu Syndrome. Artwork by iloveui.
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Hypoetical – Swing Shift



“Swing Shift”

Tracks list:

Emotional Truths
17 Year Old Angst
Sky Gazer
End Game
After The Rain
Focused Kill
En Flux

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“Trapistan” is a state of mind. Ostensibly, yes, the aim was to make India’s first album of Trap music but over the 4 months spent ruminating over the concept, much emerged that wasn’t sound. In the U.S. they refer to the “trap house” as the seedy location where criminals engage in nefarious illegal activities. The meaning of the name is somewhat obvious – the lifestyle is tempting, full of the many pleasures of life and heaps of bravado, but in the end, it’s a trap. It consumes you, not the other way around and you can’t just get up and walk out.
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Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena – The Imaginary Songbook

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena

“The Imaginary Songbook”

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element orchestra – Six Story Pagoda


element orchestra

“Six Story Pagoda”

■ EPV_177

[ sampling material ]
M-01 / EPV_166 “ALIVE” / element orchestra

M-05 / EPV_151 “01” / pele

Special Thanks…
Pele ( )
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Möbius – Tempus Fugit



“Tempus Fugit”

Sharing a period of time, parallel universes on a large scale, connected by light and star dust. “Tempus Fugit” (lat.: “Time flies”) is about the transience and solitude of existence.
It is the fourth album by Möbius, which includes 10 tracks created between 2012 and 2014 combining styles like ambient, electronica, electro, dnb, dub and breakbeat with classic and psychedelic elements.

All tracks produced & mastered by Möbius. Artwork & photos by Möbius / rework by Trans Alp & parmon. texts n orga by Möbius & parmon; archive.orga by rh;

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“cHE fICA lA mUSICA eLETTRONICA (NetlabelDayEdition)”

is participating on the first Netlabel Day 2015 ever!

formerly known as FabioRosho and releasing a mixture of 8-bit, industrial and breakbeat experiments since 2009, electronic producer Fabio Crivellaro decides to upgrade his lo-fi gear and to focus on a more synthetic and groovy sound for his new incarnation: here it is, dIGITAL dISAGIO

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Chop Juggler – Diggasmic EP

Chop Juggler

“Diggasmic EP”

Chop Jugglers Debut EP with Cult Classic Records.

The 20 year old producer from Greece (Athens) is currently studying sound engineering and has been making music since he was 13.

Chop: “It’s not about the producing skills,kicks hats & snares, music scales,music knowledge, samples..etc.
It’s all about the feeling.”

Thanks to:
The Cult Classic Records Team, Thomas Prime & Bob42jh.