CoEx – no babble



“no babble”

although “no babble” is the first release of CoEx on tonAtom or any netlabel, klaus vormehr is far from being a newcomer. having worked with several well-known acts in the music industry and after two self-named records in the 1990s, CoEx is back in 2012.

CoEx adds another country – ireland – to the tonAtom map. and CoEx adds a new facet to the tonAtom styles of music with his own sound between sequential music and live improvisation, influenced by dub reggae, afro beat and art rock.

9 instrumental tracks, well-polished and mostly electronic. served with some topping of violins or percussion resulting in what the artist’s bio rightly calls the CoEx signature sound.

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VA – Alvorada




08:30, Alvorada com Zés Pereiras, Cabeçudos e Gigantones.
Só a partir de 1893 é que Zabumbas e Zés Pereiras, assim como os Gigantones e Cabeçudos, entram na Romaria da Agonia.
Na Praça da República, uma centena de Bombos de matreca em riste – bumba que bumba e zabumba – inundam de som os romeiros…
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omara – hitschlampe




new release!! hope you all enjoy :)

01. omara – hitschlampe (vocal edit)[8:31]
02. omara – hitschlampe (instrumental)[8:31]
03. omara – sleepwalker [9:17]

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Art Sonic – Roadside Sketches


Art Sonic

“Roadside Sketches”

A 3-week long road trip to the American Southwest (Toronto, Canada to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico USA). Good thing I managed to take my old beat-up acoustic guitar – even though there was little spaced for it in our tightly packed truck. Big prairie skies, Rocky Mountain panoramas, desert vistas, ghost towns and ancient Anasazi ruins, all inspired me to pick up the guitar and attempt to translate sights into notes. Little ‘roadside sketches’… My trusty little field recorder allowed me to actually capture some of the nature sounds which later, back home in my studio, got incorporated into some of the tracks. Hopefully these short musical pieces will evoke the feelings and re-create the sights I had in front of me.

(this album is a joint release with the No-source netlabel)

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Sounds and images from Istanbul



“Sounds and images from Istanbul”

Field recordings and random photos from Istanbul, Turkey. A brief exploration of images, sounds and faces of mysterious and bright, magnificent and fabulous Istambool – the capital of eastern fairytales, spicy fragrances and incredible experiences. Dive into a pandemonium of street bazaar, city noises and ambience, traditional music and performance art!

Yosoyunotrotu – Premonition

Wow! Musik für breite Horizonte. Danke audiocast & Yosoyunotrotu!

omara – enjoy the deep




“enjoy the deep”

01. omara – crazy little shit [03:50]
02. omara – enjoy the deep [15:04]huge thanks to all listeners and supporters :)
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Luís Antero – Concerto Para Olhos Vendados


Luís Antero

“Concerto Para Olhos Vendados”

(concert for blindfolded listeners)

live at cinema s. jorge, 2012.01.04

netaudiolx festival (connecting the dots)

luís antero (field recordings | guitar)

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V.A. – Breathe 06



“Breathe 06”

We are arriving with a new compilation and new site.

Breathe Compilations

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Chairs – Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill



“Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill”

“An assortment of songs recorded anywhere from 2007 to 2012. Thanks for your ear”.
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Wings of an Angel – Requiem For An Anonymous Genius (The Breath Of Life, Carnal Annihilation And Miraculous Resurrection Of The Job Of Art)


Wings of an Angel

“Requiem For An Anonymous Genius (The Breath Of Life, Carnal Annihilation And Miraculous Resurrection Of The Job Of Art)”

“This exceptional album blends world music, hip-hop. electronica, and new age into a full package of sound experiences guaranteed to alter your mind. The artist manages to combine jazz with middle eastern sounds in an album that celebrates both. I do not think I’ve heard anyone do this as successfully since Pharoah Sanders. While often sounding dark and atmospheric. it maintain a spiritual essence that stays with you long after the last track. This unique listening experience is bought to you by the Paralucid netlabel…””Wings of an Angel’s music explores deepness and darkness in a mystic mood. Nobody on earth does the same music as he does…”


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Wings of an Angel – Paragon Black


Wings of an Angel

“Paragon Black”

“Built in 3 years, little step by little step like a soul elevation and mellow and strong like the universe, “Paragon Black” is a diamond release for Dusted Wax Kingdom. Oceans of ancient knowledge and emotions meet spiritual poetic wisdom and bring into the world a mysterious touching to divine. This can’t be expressed with words…”
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Wings of an Angel – Ayana


Wings of an Angel


“Ayana is definitely your most esoteric work to date, but is also highly concise In its reflection of your influences and ideas. I don’t think anyone, anywhere, manages to cohesively entwine free jazz and Middle Eastern sounds in a beautiful way as you do! Your art expands the definitions of music, let alone the confines of electronic and sample-based music…”
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Photophob – Wasteland Vibes

Photophob - Wasteland Vibes
news from Herwig Holzmann …

Various Artists – Sincerity Is The Key


Various Artists

“Sincerity Is The Key”

Various Artists – Sincerity Is The Key

8 to 320kbps – February 2012
Diversified / Anniversary Compilation

Total: 9hours of sound! 118 Artists!

Artwork Picture by Nicolas Bréval (Kn’K / Name Your Fear)

“This compilation is an anniversary release to celebrate the one millionth download on Sirona-Records! The only words I can say are: Thank you for everything! When I started Sirona, I never expected so much love and dedication from all the people who contributed to it. We have already made something of which we can be proud, but, please remember: The adventure continues…” Arnaud Barbe

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Lata – Sin Señal / No Signal



” Sin Señal / No Signal “

New LP of Chilian producer Lata, featuring spanish vocals by Barraco Parra (Chili) and english vocals by Ebsa (UK).
Features 2 dub versions by mildtape (Italy)
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Columbian Exposition



“Pre-Columbian Exposition”

“Pre-Columbian Exposition” is a longform ambient/drone piece with many evolving and changing parts. It is dedicated to all indigenous peoples of Pre-Columbian North and South America.
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Benjamin Jackson – 2


Benjamin Jackson


in benjamin jackson’s own words:

“2” is set of tracks that signify a shift in my perspective on the analogue aesthetic. it moves from the somewhat transparent experiments of my debut album ‘exhibit cube’ (download here) into a more inwardly pointing exploration of how analogue machinery can be used to express human emotion.

the sound is active, affirming and in some places a little spiritual, attributes i akin to “kensho” a japanese word roughly translating to ‘a brief glimpse of enlightenment’ i decided not to call the ep kensho after meditating on the matter.

you can call it what you like.

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