omara – my dark mind LP



“my dark mind LP”

after 4 years doing omaramusic i desiced to release a special collection containing the
more experemental b-sides of some of the omaramusic releaes.
yup. this is my 3rd LP.tracklist:01. omara – slightly different taste
02. omara – another day
03. omara – my little sunny sunday morning jam
04. omara – lala umtz beautiful (extended mix)
05. omara – how are you?
06. omara – acid symphony
07. omara – bloody pumpkin
08. omara – untitled
09. omara – the return of the knob (downtempo version)
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Le Perche Oreille – Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes


Le Perche Oreille

“Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes”

Powerful but full of emotion, Le Perche Oreille creates here a musical world for a dark fairytale. A Perfect mix between sweet melodies & complex beats …/…
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bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic




Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you.

Artist: bottlesmoker
Title: Hypnagogic
Release: dystopiaq040

Genre: Electronic, IDM, Experimental

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Aramaki – WSOL




Latvian producer Aramaki brought us his latest album WSOL. The title reffers to “Why so long?” because his attempts to finish and release this album took him about 2 years. And it was worth it! It’s definately our honor and privelege to share this 1 hour long material of outstanding intelligent electronic and trip-hop music with acoustic instrumental parts as well as subtle fx and pretty massive basslines. Listen, enjoy and please spread the word if you like it.
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Data Rebel – Illusions of Reality


Data Rebel

“Illusions of Reality”

If you’re familiar with Kahvi artists over the years, you’ll remember Planet Boelex, and also know that Data Rebel is top of the Planet Boelex fan club!

Heavily inspired by his hero, Data Rebel returns to Kahvi with a six track ep using key elements that Boelex himself would use – heavy and deep basses, ambient leads and pads and the always addictive melodies.

This epic EP includes such great works as Electrolized, Rhodes end, and my favourite ‘Statiq’ with its bass bin trembling bass (make sure you use decent headphones or speakers to get the full effect).

Topping off this great release is his remix of Boelex and Mosaiks ‘Nanomies’. And this release takes us nicely towards the key date in many Kahvi fans, and thus Boards of Canada fans calendars – their new album ‘Tommorrows harvest’ coming next month on Warp! Enjoy!

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weldroid – protozorq




it’s spring again and we are proud to see weldroid’s “protozorq” on tonAtom, a release consisting of ten shiny synthetic gems, with seven of them being new original tracks and three remixes by selected artists.
there is a clear line in the works of weldroid leading from his earlier releases on kahvi to this fresh selection of his audio creatures. this time everything seems to be tainted with a slightly darker shadow, with more beats but the same distinctive weldroid atmosphere nonetheless.. and you won’t be missing his characteristic combination of big screen sounds with 8bit-ish textures and agitated rhythms and loops.
three remixes add new colours and aspects, contributed by his long-time collaborator “wolandroid”, by the upcoming french artist “machinophile” and for “AN MOKU”, known to the tonAtom audience as one half of the duo “nation of clang”.”protozorq” is a refinement of the weldroid sound for 2013 and beyond, suitable for “already fans” and “soon-to-be fans”.
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Drehton – Sukzessive




Up down high low, down down, hi hi hi, gradually, successively, step by step. Change!

Signals from Dresden’s IDM underground. Drehton was rocking his bass and midi guitar to bring a full length album for your spring time enjoyness with this blend of finest Indietronica IDM.

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Nearfield – G5




01 -Untitled(0:40)
02 -November(5:31)
03 -We Are The Future(5:08)
04 -G5(2:51)
05 -Untitled(5:06)
06 -Omicron (feat.Nick Iskrov)(2:39)
07 -G5 (Askaira Indishle remix)(4:10)
08 -Dark Station(4:34)
09 -Untitled(3:11)
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Pornophonik – Archives 2



“Archives 2”

Pornophonik is back with his unique style, something around IDM with natural sounds, you can call it ‘Toytronica’…/… Unclassifiable.
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A Day Without Speaking – 6 Sonatine


A Day Without Speaking

“6 Sonatine”

A Day Without Speaking is a solo project by Edoardo Casali, Bassoon student at the Bologna Conservatory.
All tracks recorded at A Day Without Speaking Studios.
Produced by A Day Without Speaking.All the tracks written and performed by A Day Without Speaking except for track 5
written by A Day Without Speaking and Carlo Boccaccini,
inspired directly from the Étude S.140 in G sharp min. No.3 by Franz Listz, “La Campanella”.

A Day Without Speaking is: Edoardo Casali (production, bass, keyboards, piano)

This CD is a compilation of little sonatas written between January and April 2013.

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Hum – Home Music



“Home Music”

10-ST ama(2:05)
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V.A. – Fusion Compilation 8



“Fusion Compilation 8”

Style | Genre: Abstract, Glitch-Hop, Hip-Hop, IDM, Mashup
Format | Bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Duration: 01:03:10
Release Date: 17.03.2013
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Joev – arc




It gets even stranger when you realize that Joevs new EP Arc is not meant to be a sophisticated statement or a concept album. Instead, he simply wrote a letter. You know, like your parents did, to speak to someone dear and even more to themselves. The outcome is something heavy and haunting, carried by his Notwistesque voice and eventually broken by all sorts of distorted field recordings.
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Méconium – Poop Slice



“Poop Slice”

ogg 350 or mp3 320
NKS International Muzakillabel
1. Intro
2. Project N
3. Therese
4. Panzer Walzer
5. Gameover
6. Motyw Muzyczny (ritournelle rmx)
7. Da Way (Haddaway rmx)
8. Compressed Bitch (Tal rmx)

“French new breakcore on NKS by Méconium, newcomer from Lille. If you’re into hard electronic sophisticated destruction, this is what you need, a very promising first ep.”

“Un nouveau venu : Méconium de Lille, qui frappe fort d’entrée. Son 8 titres est un joli massacre aux selles noires finement orchestré qui démarre presque tranquille, comme on chie un gosse dans un monde de merde, avec amour et fleur bleue. Puis la sauce monte au fur et à mesure, et plutôt méchamment, en passant par Thérèse, les panzers et la Pologne.
Les 2 derniers tracks sonnent un poil plus légers, 2 explosions bien jouissives de chansons pop acidulées, notamment le Haddaway qui nous a labouré le crâne à longueur d’antenne radiophonique dans les années 90. Juste retour de boomerang. La musique pour adoucir les truffes n’a qu’à bien se tenir. J’en profite pour lever mon chapeau en hommage aux majors company à peu près décédées et aux marchands de machines musicales dernier cri toujours fringants je crois bien, genre tu en branches 11 pour sortir le dernier son trop classe.
La relève du breakcore a sonné, et je vous jure que nous les finirons, même s’il faut faire des heures supplémentaires, même le dimanche, on va tous à la chasse aux breaks et ce, dès cette seconde (j’offre une caresse sur le nez à celui qui retrouve le nom du film d’où vient cette réplique à peine modifiée).
Trève de bavardages, écoute Méconium, il te chie des briques d’un chic époustouflant.”

Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Sun-Inside – Travel Network 11



“Travel Network 11”

01 -Echoculture-Paradise Road
02 -The Picturesque Episodes- ..towards a Dying Star
03 -Trio Dvyh Ryk – Sunny-Ocean
04 -Bloody Romero-I Remember the Rain
05 -Gluid-The Metamorphosis
06 -StanislavRubyteno-IcarustetariseRemix
07 -Marsen Jules-Serenade
08 -Ocoeur – Les rИves d’Alice
09 -Candlegravity-Love Breaks
10 -Rec_Overflow-ANYWHERE
11 -Sukdabeat – Crustik
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sanmi – X cult



” X cult”

■ EPV_118

all tracks by sanmi
artwork by Leedian ( )

■ sanmi
sanmi is experimental unit since 1998.
-:: soundcloud ::

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guillotine hairshaver – The Lost Days

[ele005 / SYNR030]

guillotine hairshaver

“The Lost Days”

guillotine hairshaver is a musician in Osaka,Japan.
This album “The Lost Days” is his first album,released on Feb,2011 from sayonara records.In response to the hiatus of sayonara from elegirl,2013 Feb.
Their sound of structure is simple,but thier roundish deep base groove make you : guillotine hairshaver
artwork : Kyosuke Goto
release : sayonara records 3011-02 / elegirl 2013-2
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1.ispepzzif 03:16
2.whinded 02:44
3.dungeon check bounce 03:31
4.pmbrain 02:46
5.noiselove 02:56
6.ecaps 04:08
7.seasonal change 02:42
8.newlease 02:44RENEGADE ANDROiD is the dominant noise/”musical” outlet for human/non-android American-born Shawn Shackelford. “Newlease” is his 5th release. In addition to RENEGADE ANDROiD, Shawn has also released an album using the moniker ‘unseelie’ (pronounced un-see-lee), and has collaborated on other projects in the past.Having came into existence in the late 1970′s placed his early years in the era of the Atari 800 Home PC & other antique gaming consoles, providing him with musical influence as ubiquitous as electronics are now seamlessly integrated into our every-day lives.
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Various Artists – Circuits Imprimés vol. 03


Various Artists

“Circuits Imprimés vol. 03”

After the first volume which was a tribute to the netlabels scene & the second volume with our main artists, here it comes ‘Circuits Imprimés vol. 03’. This time we invited some of our favorite artists to make their own ‘PCB’ sound. A nice way to celebrate 5 years of our netlabel. Abstract, IDM, Glitch or whatever the style, you’ll find on this final volume some great interpretations of what we call ‘Circuits Imprimés’. We hope we have succeeded to connect all this electronic components together to achieve a complex electronic circuit. But those ‘PCB’ tracks are not intended to be printed only on your hard drive, but to be printed in your brain…/…
– Compiled by Pleq & Syndrôm –
featuring: Valance Drakes – Maps And Diagrams – Roel Funcken – Architect – Dirk Geiger – C.H. District – Syndrôm – Karsten Pflum – EU – Pleq and Hajimeinoue – Lauki – Sifa Dias – The Green Kingdom – Sense – Yvat – Joel Tammik – Tim Koch – Joseph Auer (Lackluster Pitchmix) – Fedaden – VNDL – Poborsk – Tapage
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Extatic Continuum – Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia)

[CP 21]

Extatic Continuum

“Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia)”

Extatic Continuum is about transcoding mystical experiences into music because no words could tell what it is exactly … The music has the power to communicate what is unspeakable ; and so here it’s about entheogenic experiences and Akashic visions of the goddess… This is about going beyond ego and History …

Genre: psychedelic, electronica, idm, ambient


2. Moonlight
3.Magic is the science of the jungle
4.Pour aller ou?
5. Akh
6.Starting Heart
7.Psychic Flaw
8.Kaleidoscope Harmonium
10.Orphan Lotus

Cover art by Kati Astraeir

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agnès pe. – Rob Herwig


agnès pe.

“Rob Herwig”

Rob Herwig [0kbps018]

01 – rhipsalidopsis
02 – Rob Herwig
03 – pachyveria
04 – euphorbia milii
05 – phoenix
06 – sedum
07 – adiantum
08 – ananas
09 – solo come moscas

MAV [0kbps] Records, January 2013

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Various Artists – Circuits Imprimés vol. 02


Various Artists

“Circuits Imprimés vol. 02”

we are eclectic, we are electronic…
we are Pavillon36 Recordings!
5 years of free music :)
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Hum – Aera




09-Gress 2(1:47)
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Bloody Romero – I Remember the Rain


Bloody Romero

“I Remember the Rain”

01-Get Up! Get Up!(1:53)
02-SIN Exctua(3:24)
03-I Remember the Rain(3:13)
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Ulcerium – Gorji7a




01. Eat My Bazdukom
02. Failure 2.0
03. Nightgap
04. Nightlap
05. Nightsend
06. D-vour
07. Dysfunction (feat. Michael Jackson)
08. Slimemask Ritual
09. Gorji7a
10. Na3nbouk (feat. Cheb Lahbitri)
11. Frik Frik
12. N’demt
13. Sunsetsurf

dec 2012 / ful stream + OGG z350 zip + MP3 320 zip

“End of a very prolific year for the NKS (34 releases !).
Our newcomer Ulcerium aka Mahdi Riahi is our first musician from the african continent / Tunisia. Ben Ali left power 2 years ago but deception followed hope in the country : no interest in extreme rock or hard electronics there. He went to live in Nancy (France) few months ago.
Mahdi is really multitalented : vocals / guitar / bass / drum & synth programming / recording / mixing / mastering / logo / cover design. Check Painful Prod, Vomit The Hate & Human Scum (first grindcore band in Tunisia).
Here is Ulcerium’s first album (first ep on Infinite Pandemic). 13 trax with personality and original blend somewhere between electronica idm & hard jungle breaks : fast broken beats, good synthetic melodies, weird samples from Michael Jackson to Cheb Lahbitri. Enjoy !
We should be dead in a few days. Seeya later in another world !”

Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Various – Tiny Robots



“Tiny Robots”

Finally after many months of collecting submissions, choosing the playlist, mastering and getting the cover artwork completed, its time for this years various artist mega release! And quite a release it is, with 29 tracks, 185 minutes of play time!
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Martin R. – In Winter Colours


Martin R.

“In Winter Colours”

01-Violet skies(5:23)
02-Double Ila(4:11)
04-Dub for K.(6:25)
05-Dirty Monique(5:17)
06-Blue pill(5:02)
09-Theme for a Raven(4:50)
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