Electrofilia – Haters club



“Haters club”

Electrofilia net.label presenta #Haters Club con este compilado logramos reunir a grandes músicos mexicanos inclinados al los cuts, noise y live coding proponiendo en esta producción texturas, frecuencias y/o algoritmos bailables en algunos tracks que están ligadas a los sonidos de la música electrónica de vanguardia.

Carlos Chinchillas
Alejandro Tux
Minoría ruidoza

Diseño EP: Eric.Erre
Masterizacion: Carlos Hasbun A.K.A Mixfuckedup
Guru&Seleccion: Velox.

ВИСО – Кома

Waqs – Wruth




Artist: Waqs
Title: Wruth
Genre: IDM, Glitch, Jungle, Ambient, Acid, Breakcore
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
Country: Russia

Baden Dangit – button lack EP


Baden Dangit

“button lack EP”

Baden Dangit

button lack EP [0kbps042]


MAV [0kbps] Records, August 2013

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adamned.age – TRANSIT BERLIN




The drums of eternity chime through the floodgates of the international Cosmopolitana. Crossover of the culminating history in sound and imaginery. Transit.

adamned.age thematizes her explorations in the artistic metropolis Berlin, as a frame for her delighting album of hard to categorizable electronic music. Her up to now ways shine to be woven in her tracks, her drum playing skills meet the Piano and post classical influences.

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Esse – Breez Ep



“Breez Ep”

We finally have a new release for you. Now from Lithuania our friend and great musician, Esse, gives us an album with four songs full of sounds, textures and rhythms. The beats invite us to shake our body and to travel with our minds freely as the air … and the question is: who does not want to feel so free? The only thing I can tell you is download Breez EP and feel the vibes..
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Gumbel – Social Parasite

Candlegravity – A Suicide



Th.e n.d – Annodam 94


Th.e n.d

“Annodam 94”

Electronic album by the hands of German project Th.e n.d. Cover photograph by Mati Faane.
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[mikra] – SM Higgs



“SM Higgs”

Night. A small but beautiful window of exclusive light, the last active window in a dark city, showing the attic of a poor but genius inventor, playing piano, while the transmitters send out the frequencies via fm radio, masked informations of future Wu Wei resistance.

Some of you will already know [mikra]’s releases from the netlabel world. If not please await a full length sample piano synth mashup collage album creation of hope, deconstruction, light and shadows. Slightly spooky at some points, but the musical n electronica love lets you keep touch to the air.

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Gumbel – Huracanado




02-Serotonina (ft. Boer Polar & Stolenmeltdown)(6:37)
03-Falsificación Dermoestética (ft. Bit Laden)(4:51)
05-Bit War (ft. Perturbator)(5:01)
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xenoton – in a world of lights and glass



“in a world of lights and glass”

electronica meets ambient on a trip through time and sound.
from berlin to düsseldorf via paris and the uk.
from the 70s to tomorrow.
from modernist architecture to sound design.transforming imagery to music
in a world of lights and glass.
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KMS – Corruption




9 trax – zip ogg 350 or zip mp3 320 – full streaming
breakcore from SW France”Our newcomer KMS lives in Toulouse countryside. His first release is heavy amen breakcore in its classical form with a great variety of ambiances & samples, from trip hop standard to frenchy hardcore ragga, from weird glitches to metal riffs. A nice corruption of sounds.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]
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IDGA – Horror Pleni



“Horror Pleni”

Horror Pleni is experimental techno in contemporary form of minimalism, between Actress and Four Tet, but it crumbles in the subsoil or better in underworld red as blood. The album carries the listener in psychedelic fogs and isolate atmospheres, while the incessant advance of 4/4 gets more granitic. The moving through the nine tracks is made by stable and inescapable steps, between clear and obsessive visions of the past and noising dreams for men from the future. Mind is free to fly, while body slides through seediest part of hell. The album begins with a palpitation “Wasted Summer”: something got wrong and rhythm chases changeable and enraged, with heavy pace. “Dreaming Baby Balcony” is light and shadow, between acid rays of sun and rasping wind, under an orange sky. “Live Twice” converts in sound two beings in opposition: sweetly gloomy melody and frenetic rhythm fuse in balanced contradiction. “Inside a Candy” is a scary trip who first digests you and lately spits you in a highly toxic mixture. In the very middle of the album, “Leave the Land” is a fugitive heart from its missing beat, in the Space. With the unique vocal of the album, “Rana Delay” it’s a pause from obsessive atmospheres, replaced with gothic taste for a while. “Horror Pleni” condenses all suggestions in stratified and chasing emotions. “Sidi Bouzid to Cairo” (Checkpoint 303 reworked) doesn’t take prisoners, shooting on sight in 4/4. “Krome” says goodbye to the first artistic album from Idga, getting to subsoil by procession of killer percussions. Mind is already free, just remains sinking body. [Maracuja&Plasman]

This is a very important release for us, since it marks an important step into the most modern music releasing approach. You can use this music whatever you like as far as it is for a private use/context. Please, feel free to copy-paste-send this release to your best friend or dj and to play it during your own private parties –>enjoy it !!
At the same time these works are regularly registered to the Danish Collecting Rights Society “Koda”, which will collect royalties in the behalf of the artist/composer: IDGA, and the publisher: 51beats, when this music will be employed in any commercial context.
We believe this is close to the ideal approach toward the most intelligent way of publishing music and arts, today.

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Francesco Baiocchi – 45 minutes in hard drive through different ways


Francesco Baiocchi

“45 minutes in hard drive through different ways”

The album “45 minutes in hard drive through different ways” was born as a soundtrack for an audio visual installation presenata in September 2012 in Valletta, capital of Malta, during the White Night, commissioned by the Malta Council for Culture and the arts. The Maltese show of 10 hours, including a live painting on three canvases (150 x 100) mounted in a prism, some of the sets with video projection art during the concert, is an attempt to insert an unusual artistic expression in a particular context of this location of the center of the Mediterranean. The show also includes body painting and audiovisual installation from which the music of the album is about.
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omara – my dark mind LP



“my dark mind LP”

after 4 years doing omaramusic i desiced to release a special collection containing the
more experemental b-sides of some of the omaramusic releaes.
yup. this is my 3rd LP.tracklist:01. omara – slightly different taste
02. omara – another day
03. omara – my little sunny sunday morning jam
04. omara – lala umtz beautiful (extended mix)
05. omara – how are you?
06. omara – acid symphony
07. omara – bloody pumpkin
08. omara – untitled
09. omara – the return of the knob (downtempo version)
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Le Perche Oreille – Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes


Le Perche Oreille

“Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes”

Powerful but full of emotion, Le Perche Oreille creates here a musical world for a dark fairytale. A Perfect mix between sweet melodies & complex beats …/…
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bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic




Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you.

Artist: bottlesmoker
Title: Hypnagogic
Release: dystopiaq040

Genre: Electronic, IDM, Experimental

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Aramaki – WSOL




Latvian producer Aramaki brought us his latest album WSOL. The title reffers to “Why so long?” because his attempts to finish and release this album took him about 2 years. And it was worth it! It’s definately our honor and privelege to share this 1 hour long material of outstanding intelligent electronic and trip-hop music with acoustic instrumental parts as well as subtle fx and pretty massive basslines. Listen, enjoy and please spread the word if you like it.
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Data Rebel – Illusions of Reality


Data Rebel

“Illusions of Reality”

If you’re familiar with Kahvi artists over the years, you’ll remember Planet Boelex, and also know that Data Rebel is top of the Planet Boelex fan club!

Heavily inspired by his hero, Data Rebel returns to Kahvi with a six track ep using key elements that Boelex himself would use – heavy and deep basses, ambient leads and pads and the always addictive melodies.

This epic EP includes such great works as Electrolized, Rhodes end, and my favourite ‘Statiq’ with its bass bin trembling bass (make sure you use decent headphones or speakers to get the full effect).

Topping off this great release is his remix of Boelex and Mosaiks ‘Nanomies’. And this release takes us nicely towards the key date in many Kahvi fans, and thus Boards of Canada fans calendars – their new album ‘Tommorrows harvest’ coming next month on Warp! Enjoy!

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weldroid – protozorq




it’s spring again and we are proud to see weldroid’s “protozorq” on tonAtom, a release consisting of ten shiny synthetic gems, with seven of them being new original tracks and three remixes by selected artists.
there is a clear line in the works of weldroid leading from his earlier releases on kahvi to this fresh selection of his audio creatures. this time everything seems to be tainted with a slightly darker shadow, with more beats but the same distinctive weldroid atmosphere nonetheless.. and you won’t be missing his characteristic combination of big screen sounds with 8bit-ish textures and agitated rhythms and loops.
three remixes add new colours and aspects, contributed by his long-time collaborator “wolandroid”, by the upcoming french artist “machinophile” and for “AN MOKU”, known to the tonAtom audience as one half of the duo “nation of clang”.”protozorq” is a refinement of the weldroid sound for 2013 and beyond, suitable for “already fans” and “soon-to-be fans”.
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Drehton – Sukzessive




Up down high low, down down, hi hi hi, gradually, successively, step by step. Change!

Signals from Dresden’s IDM underground. Drehton was rocking his bass and midi guitar to bring a full length album for your spring time enjoyness with this blend of finest Indietronica IDM.

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Nearfield – G5




01 -Untitled(0:40)
02 -November(5:31)
03 -We Are The Future(5:08)
04 -G5(2:51)
05 -Untitled(5:06)
06 -Omicron (feat.Nick Iskrov)(2:39)
07 -G5 (Askaira Indishle remix)(4:10)
08 -Dark Station(4:34)
09 -Untitled(3:11)
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Pornophonik – Archives 2



“Archives 2”

Pornophonik is back with his unique style, something around IDM with natural sounds, you can call it ‘Toytronica’…/… Unclassifiable.
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A Day Without Speaking – 6 Sonatine


A Day Without Speaking

“6 Sonatine”

A Day Without Speaking is a solo project by Edoardo Casali, Bassoon student at the Bologna Conservatory.
All tracks recorded at A Day Without Speaking Studios.
Produced by A Day Without Speaking.All the tracks written and performed by A Day Without Speaking except for track 5
written by A Day Without Speaking and Carlo Boccaccini,
inspired directly from the Étude S.140 in G sharp min. No.3 by Franz Listz, “La Campanella”.

A Day Without Speaking is: Edoardo Casali (production, bass, keyboards, piano)

This CD is a compilation of little sonatas written between January and April 2013.

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Hum – Home Music



“Home Music”

10-ST ama(2:05)
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V.A. – Fusion Compilation 8



“Fusion Compilation 8”

Style | Genre: Abstract, Glitch-Hop, Hip-Hop, IDM, Mashup
Format | Bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Duration: 01:03:10
Release Date: 17.03.2013
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