Prinzip Nemesis – live @ re​​​:​​​flexions sound​​​-​​​art festival

Prinzip Nemesis – live @ re​​​:​​​flexions sound​​​-​​​art festival
[ACP 1246]

Prinzip Nemesis

“live @ re​​​:​​​flexions sound​​​-​​​art festival”

live @ abraxas, Augsburg, 19.07.19
thanks to Gerald Fiebig
photography (front) by Michael Herbst
photography (back) by Damiano Biella
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

Prinzip Nemesis works with sounds that translate lyrics into music.
To achieve that, Prinzip Nemesis uses field recordings as well as the voice of Eljara and various noise producing instruments.
The project is inspired by nature, classical music, Black Metal,
Industrial and Post Punk.
One of the main inspirations for their first album was a journey to India.
The duo prefers to keep their live appearances limited.
Each performance is a mix of improvisation and pieces created especially for the event.
Prinzip Nemesis are Birgit Merk (Eljara) and Marc Fischer.
The project was founded in 2012 in Munich, Germany.

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