Mauk Tenieb – Esiön

Mauk Tenieb – Esiön

Mauk Tenieb


Can’t help seeing images from Blade Runner. Deckard tiredly gazing at the score on his piano. Roy and Pris in the Bradbury Building. It’s but one evocation though, and Mauk Tenieb’s album is lush with them. Murky bars some decades from now, where robot pets scurry around rugged looking patrons. The sand haze in the Texan desert where, just like that, William Burroughs might appear to you in a dream to let you know that… We’ll let you find out for yourself. In the meantime, you can listen to lots of 20kbps, which now has Mauk Tenieb’s new album Esiön. All in one track, because it’s best taken in as a whole.
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