various artist – ▲​†​CARRIE​†​▲

various artist – ▲​†​CARRIE​†​▲

various artist


Compiled, cover artwork collage by Sábila Orbe.
Released by Internet Daemon netlabel:
& also included in our Post-Witch Music section:

This is a various artists music compilation inspired in the classic horror series: “CARRIE” about a girl with telekinetic powers who can’t control it. The original history was written by the popular horror stories writer: Stephen King, one of the most important and legendary writers on United States.

Each track composed by the respective artist. Links:
– Humanfobia:
– noxpox:
– 209 SINS:
– Pikadon:
– Filmy Ghost:
– Lunar Eclipse:
– Persefone:
– PuzzleJukebox:
– DJ_Iterate:
– saint de l’ abime:
– foxxy mulderr:
– VFO:

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