various artist – 100 Triangles †△†▼100 Witch House Music Tracks

various artist – 100 Triangles †△†▼100 Witch House Music Tracks

various artist

“100 Triangles †△†▼100 Witch House Music Tracks”


Compiled. cover collage by Sábila Orbe.
model: Mist Spectra.
released by Internet Daemon (ex-Cian Orbe/Witch Spectra) netlabel.

Old school & new witch house experimental artists are part of this worldwide mp3 compilation. 100 tracks of witch haus, screwgaze, haunted house dark electronic music.


Each track composed by the respective artist. Links to each music project website:

▼track 1: …Glowfl∆me…:
▼track2: 209 SINS:
▼track3: 6klop:
▼track4: ADH.Dreaming:
▼track5: AGNAR:
▼track6: Afterdeath:
▼track7: Anastasia Vronski:
▼track8: Aokigahara:
▼track9: Aura en el espejo:
▼track10: Axis Project:
▼track11: BEDBΩ¥: –
▼track12: BIRCH CΔVΞZ:
▼track13: BL▲K.:P▲N3L:.SKR↑P†:
▼track14: Cagey House:
▼track15: Cosmic Shock Absorber:
▼track16: Creature – Ooze:
▼track17: DJ Frankenstone:
▼track18: DJ Poo:
▼track19: DR▲G ME TO HELL:
▼track20: Danny Wolfers:
▼track21: Dariusz Jackowski:
▼track22: ENIX INRI:
▼track23: Filmy Ghost:
▼track24: GHØS†BØY:
▼track25: Ghent:
▼track26: Guattari:
▼track27: Hatemagick:
▼track28: Humanfobia: //
▼track29: IDTAL:
▼track30: IMMNNC:
▼track31: INTIFVDA:
▼track32: Indu Mezu:
▼track33: Insatiable Void:
▼track34: KACH:
▼track35: LUVCRAFT: –
▼track36: Lui-Mp3:
▼track37: Maple Leaf: –
▼track38: Mental Express:
▼track39: Mobiu$:
▼track40: Murdered Dream:
▼track41: NAVIN:
▼track42: Nina Kardec:
▼track43: Noclip Mode:
▼track44: Order 0v Thee Octopi:
▼track45: PINDAR:
▼track46: PLΛGΛ: –
▼track47: PORTVLS:
▼track48: Pad:
▼track49: Plomqvist:
▼track50: Polus:
▼track51: pouleserg:
▼track52: Pray for Triangle Zero:
▼track53: Prigat*/Smeayt*say:
▼track54: Project Mahlen Goscht:
▼track55: Reshinarax:
▼track56: SORC3RY:
▼track57: Sanguine:
▼track58: SeriousSamson:
▼track59: Seven Daggers:
▼track60: Soft and Furious:
▼track61: Sypha Nadon:
▼track62: TRETTS:
▼track63: Tchornavidma:
▼track64: The Carisita Sect:
▼track65: The Implicit Order:
▼track66: Tom Fahy/Zhang Li:
▼track67: Tripnectar:
▼track68:Unhealthy Fantasies:
▼track69: V L A D:
▼track70: Vivid Tribe Of Psychics:
▼track71: Witchbeat:
▼track72: Yoshiro: –
▼track73: Yaka-anima:
▼track74: Yikii:
▼track75: ako:
▼track76: blVirvvitch:
▼track77: defteros:
▼track78: Drunkwithtears:
▼track79: GRMMSK:
▼track80: la Chose Maeng:
▼track81: melcom: //
Filmy Ghost:
▼track82: rotten space:
▼track83: yunghannibal:
▼track84: ¥¥¥:
▼track85: Éveil:
▼track86: ÍÍN†Í†ÍÍ:
▼track87: ʚgɐʚgɐィァ:
▼track88: α Ori:
▼track89: ангел – Catalyst aka ╬ sh sh zombie mamba ╬:
▼track90: ангел – Catalyst /
▼track91: капитан Trip:
▼track93: †ΣBL∆Ņ†: –
▼track94: ∆GU∆TECK∆:
▼track95: ▲DΣ†∐NΣD▲ᗸ△S†△RD▲:
▼track96: ▲▲ΣϟQUIϟ0MBIΣ▲▲:
▼track97: ☒:
▼track98: Tragic Shields:
▼track99: ツイン・ピークス:
▼track100: MEPIKAELXORO: –

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