ЧЕРНИХОВ | CERNICHOV – We are all deaf

audio ЧЕРНИХОВ | CERNICHOV – We are all deaf


“We are all deaf”

“We are all deaf” is the third full length album by ЧЕРНИХОВ | CERNICHOV, a noise/ambient duo based between Brussels and Milan, of US (David Gutman) and Italian (Marco Mazzucchelli) nationality.

“The album’s concept gravitates around the deep and actual contraposition given by the human strive for exploration: on one hand there is the total deafness towards the heartbeat of planet Earth, from a vibrational perspective expressed by the Schuman frequency, a sub bass frequency that can be resumed as the intimate physical expression of how our ecosystem relates in its environment. On the other hand, the exploration’s focus is monopolised by the infinite horizon that the eyes define. The Sputnik satellite becomes the first extraterrestrial exploration means, kept in contact with signals emitted at 40Hz. On these two main frequency inputs, the first as carrier for cross-modulation treatment and the second as a BPM driver, we explored a possible scenario of sonic interactions, ending with what we see as the soundtrack of our personal existence in this 4 dimensional world.”

Released January 14, 2024 as free (cc) digital download and limited digipak CD edition.

Recorded by Marco Mazzucchelli and David Gutman

Produced and Mixed by David Gutman

Mastered by Anacleto Vitolo

Artwork by Marco Mazzucchelli

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