Humanfobia – RINGU リング

Humanfobia – RINGU リング


“RINGU リング”

This is a dark experimental horror synth vaporwave MINI-ALBUM inspired on japanese horror movie saga: RINGU ( リ​​​ン​​​グ )

Humanfobia is a vaporgoth, horror synth, witch house, dark experimental project from Rancagua, Chile.

Members: Mist Spectra (lead female vocalist)
Sábila Orbe (sound programming, mixer, male vocals)

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all music mixed, cover artwork by Sabila Orbe.
Vocals, model in the cover: Mist Spectra.

track 1 stems provided by Sonic Kitchen.
track 4 some stems provided by DJ_ Iterate (public domain usage)
track 8 stems provided by Axis Project.

track 2 contain samples from the movie: Sadako 3D 2
track 6 contain samples from the movie: Ringu (1998)

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