Vitor Oliveira – 桃 – Momo

Vitor Oliveira – 桃 – Momo

Vitor Oliveira

“桃 – Momo”

He is another artist making his debut on MiMi Records. From the city of Barcelos comes Vitor Oliveira with “桃” – Momo, a seven-track album of mesmerizing electronic music, drones and enigmatic soundscapes.

“桃” – Momo dives deep into experimental electronic music, offering listeners an auditory experience. An album with a crescendo from track to track and perhaps that’s why the names of the songs are just numbers and ordered in ascending order.

With each track, Vitor Oliveira invites the listener to a sonic journey full of intricate layers, haunting melodies and evocative rhythms, where influences from artists such as ben frost or oneothrix point never can be noted.

An album to discover and remember pink is the new black!!

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