NYORAI – Shinkirō (蜃気楼)

NYORAI – Shinkirō (蜃気楼)


“Shinkirō (蜃気楼)”

Yusaku Iida is a Japanese electronic music producer and DJ that works under the artist name NYORAI, producing his own unique blend of electronica, IDM, experimental music and ambient soundscapes.

His music includes the scenery and atmosphere of Japan and depicts the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter there and the spirit of Zen(禅).

Also a descendant of the Samurai(侍).

“Shinkirō (蜃気楼)” is his debut on Mahorka, specially prepared for the label, released April 27, 2024 as free (cc) digital download and beautiful limited digipak edition.

All music by Yusaku Iida aka NYORAI


Mastering by Anatoly ‘Tokee’ Grinberg

Photo by Masato Iketani

Cover artwork design by Angel Draganov

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