Luís Antero – Concerto Para Olhos Vendados


Luís Antero

“Concerto Para Olhos Vendados”

(concert for blindfolded listeners)

live at cinema s. jorge, 2012.01.04

netaudiolx festival (connecting the dots)

luís antero (field recordings | guitar)

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Thompost – Garden




1. Good Morning (4:32)
2. Honey Bees (7:32)
3. Autumn Leaves (featuring Peter Woolaston) (8:24)
4. Froglette (4:30)
5. Good Afternoon (8:59)
6. Shimmer (3:02)
7. Chasing Squirrels (4:54)
8. Setting Sun (7:04)

“Album written around a 50 minute recording of my Garden.”
– Thompost

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Substak – Mirror

Axiom 23 – Blunted

Herrlich kalter Electro aus Schweden. Einfach aber effektiv = Old School Electro. Schade das das Coverbild etwas daneben gegangen ist.

Fennel – Carillon Air

Sehr schönes Hörstück mit einer spannenden Mischung aus Fieldrecorings und Musik. Eine 13 minütige Reise durch privates und öffentliches Gelände. Wiedermal dank an Absence of Wax

Tardiss – Mold and Moisture



“Mold and Moisture”

Mold and Moisture, the fourth release by Tardiss on No-Source Netlabel is a trip back in time. These nine tracks make up a collection of early works recorded between 2002 and 2004. What we see here is the beginnings of a sound that Tardiss has gone on to shape into their definitive style. It is a decidedly more electronic and experimental album than the previous Tardiss records. There are still those nostalgia tendencies that peak from time to time. The album kicks off with “The Sandbox”. Samples of waves wash into IDM beats and sparse melodies. “Mid Lake Left”, recalls the track title Left Side Drive by Boards of Canada. Mid Lake Left was recorded a year or two before the Boards of Canada track and delivers more of an early Squarepusher vibe. “Harmonic Mist Figure” is a beautiful two minutes of haunting, beat-less ambient music. “Smoothie’s Loop”, though a bit more spastic, uses some modern Tardiss compositional techniques. “Pneumonia, I Own Ya” has a more of a lounge vibe, recalling Irresistible Force (one of Mix Master Morris’ aliases). The album closes with “Come Get It”, a twelve minute electronic, lounge rock freakout. This description makes sense when you get to the epic synth solo at six minutes in. Over the years, these early works have held up. The lo-fi attitude just makes them feel even more like a musty photograph collecting mold and moisture.
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Travel Network



“Mix-Travel Network “

01-Pavel Zhagun-4E[0°]
02-Y:E:T-Menesunda[Sincro Netlabel]
03-Maina-Venecian ADSL[Nishi]
04-Zen Savauge-inconnu[Subsource]
05-rachMiel-Horseradish Paradigm[Entity]
06-Pablo Ribot-Dark trip[suRRism-Phonoethics]
08-Andrey Kiritchenko-Svetaet[autoplate]
09-Argument Floyd-is good[Picpack]
10-Cagey House-Susan Cupcake Avenger[Bump Foot]
11-Dysarthria-Parts Thengit[Sincro Netlabel]
12-deef -Damals bis Heute – Die Bekenntnisse einer Zeitspanne[Rec72]
14-NCThompson-Over The Horizon Pt. 1[Soft Phase]
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Landcrash – Sunrise/Dark

Mayhem Perception – Out Of Da Brain


Mayhem Perception

“Out Of Da Brain”

1. Our Tribe Of Insomniacs (6:02)
2. Soleil D’Hiver (5:25)
3. One Shot Délivrance (5:11)
4. Additional Particle (6:43)

Nearly one year without release published on Pavillon 36. But we’re not dead! To re-start our collection, we bring to you the first EP of Mayhem Perception (aka Syndrôm & Bouwakanja). An experimental electronic manifest with no genre restriction, only feelings matter! We hope you’ll like it & don’t forget to share it: it’s free! :)

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Julien Demoulin – Tough Love EP


Julien Demoulin

“Tough Love EP”

You might know the french sound artist Julien Demoulin from his “Fanø“-release on Audio Gourmet, his recent collaboration “The Bay” with IA on Basses Fréquences, or from his work as Silencio (the new album, “When I’m Gone” was recently released on three:four records). His first release on Resting Bell is the wonderful “Tough Love EP“. 5 tracks with a complete duration of 16 minutes.Glittering and oscillating sounds drifting around. Guitar melodies are glaring through like rays of sunlight. The complete EP has got a very organic, evolving soundscape. Sound ideas develop like little plants and are woven together to small shining islands, where you can lay back and relax. Please welcome the spring and the warm season with this beautiful EP.

This release is also available as a tape from Of Plants with a different tracklist.

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Morphine Bandit – Random Coincidences


Morphine Bandit

“Random Coincidences”

Dark Drone Ambient Experimental

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Submix – Underneath Ep



“Underneath Ep”

Title: Underneath Ep
Artist: Submix
Label: Submix Recordings
Release date: 02-10-2011
Catalogue number: SUR003
Genre: tech-house
tracklisting: 1- blacktop 2- diver
released 02 October 2011
Pedro Gonçalves – Submix
Production , mixing and mastering
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Mindctrl – Behavior EP



“Behavior EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx175
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 27 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal

01 – Behavior (5:45)
02 – Reggel (I Hear Voices…) (5:34)
03 – More Coffein (6:01)
04 – Budapest (5:41)

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Sturqen – Raia



Raia is the new album from STURQEN.
A different kind of STURQEN with a different kind of sound.
It’s 41 minutes long, has 10 tracks and it is being released as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp.
There is also a very limited CD edition available.

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E(N)Dless Mix


“JGekko in Spirals´Substak – E(N)Dless Mix”


1.Chill-out police departement (JGekko wake-up remix)
2.Ambient circles 1
3.HOMEO-STASIS – The atomic age (JGekko Rework)
4.Next basic channel
5.A short train – (My Brain hurts rmx)
6.DarkGekko – The Dark Channel
7.The asterisk pieces (unmastered bass version)
8.DarkGekko – Spiral Channel

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diecidicembre – diecidicembre




“All is beautiful on it. Vote: 9.0″Recent music heroes

“Don’t hold on too tight, because you’re guaranteed to lose yourself with this release.” 01014

“51 minutes and 32 seconds of improvisations and sonic manipulations for guitar, analog vibrations and digital dissipations”

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Axel Schwunck – Deep Temptation


Axel Schwunck

“Deep Temptation”

New artist recently signed to Repeat Beat
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img_02 – deep distance ep



“deep distance ep”

deep distance ep
insectorama#051insectorama presents the new ep from img_02 from greece.
thats four great dubtechno tracks and one remix from markus masuhr. this sound is perfect for deep days.

1.img_02 – deep distance
2.img_02 – lost landscapes(unreleasedmix)
3.img_02 – nomos 751(blue mix)
4.img_02 – quiet is the new loud (mix2)
5.img_02 – deep distance [markus masuhr reshape edit]

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V.A. – L is for…


“L is for…”

this is a collection of people who have worked with or simply spoken with laetitia are not alone and you are in our thoughts

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​Wrapped Dangers



Metal Wind

“Some Shrink​-​Wrapped Dangers”

Dark Drone Noise

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netlabellist update!

Two new entries at the netlabellist!

Welcome hamsterloco and brutal attack records.





Just 11 minutes drum and bass minimix.
Tracklist: Graffo+DirtyBoy – Propeller (tilt-recordings). Echonic – Last Man (
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Axiom 23 – Hidden Agenda


Axiom 23

“Hidden Agenda”

Label: Radio Of The Pickled Gizmo
Catalog#: rotpg004
Format: 6 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Sweden
Released: 23 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Old School ElectroTracklist:
01 – Figure Skating (5:44)
02 – Monthly (5:22)
03 – System (4:56)
04 – Blunted (4:03)
05 – Line (5:59)
06 – 200 Days (4:07)
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The 17 Sons of Abraxas – Outward


The 17 Sons of Abraxas


Dark Drone Space

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Brqs – Orbital Debris EP



“Orbital Debris EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx174
Format: 3 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 22 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House

01 – Icarus (7:26)
02 – Whoa Bastard (6:44)
03 – Dqpb (8:34)

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There are a lot of forthcoming releases on Retral’s SoundCloud page. The man is on a roll and we, the labels, are just trying to catch up. We need to hurry, because Retral can’t wait to share his free music with the world. We understand why when we look at the comments he gets:

Your tunes are sick! GREAT :D LOVE IT!! This tune is awesome, proper future jazzy vibeswicked! Nice drums man. Good track all round. Big up. Big stuff man. Interesting sounds man! Loving This! I love this. Deep and dark, the way i like ittttttt. Huge tune, really like it (: This is incredible………… HUGE DROP. Big tune, this is happy. WoooooooooooooooooW. Ahhh mate, this is amazing. Great work. This is a sick tune mate. Love the synth work. You da maaaaan!!! This is so good mate :D. Spicy drum work! Oo yee! Wow this is quality mate! Simply incredible! Lovely mate. Love the way it kicks back in! So smooooth. This is so dope bro massive respect! Powerful, aerian track. Wonderful. Them chordz, they’re like a gift man! HUGE sound!!! Those chained pads!! :) Stellar track mate. Great take on the auden poem, love the atmos, massive mesmerizing melancholic vibe! I love the colors this tune paints in my head. Gorgeous sound, friend!

It’s all true. Need we say more?

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Michel Odder Pervalat – Light


Michel Odder Pervalat


dark vocals ambient drone

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