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Carlo Vergani, aka PLASMAN, being one-third of CANI GIGANTI, is finally back to his solo-live show. Following his former albums “Pompieri in Moto” and “Futuro Anteriore”, the latest also available in an extended CD version and containing the Adriano Canzian remix of the main track, Plasman is now back with a fully renovated live project in which simple “minimal” structures are combined with perforating sounds for an extremely groovy set, oriented to the new-techno-minimal dancefloor.
“Plastico” has its focus on researching new sounds from technical inputs. Emotions are left apart while letting go is the point. The 1st track “uno” starts a journey through lysergic rock that speeds up to trot for an ideological ping-pong match, in the mean time outside it’s probably raining. Flashing lights can be felt getting to the track “tre”, where obsession leaves the scene to cathartic loops with hypnotic effects. Right in the middle of the album, track “cinque” plays with 8 bit and synths that are competing in a crescent electro rhythm, boosting up the dance floor. Donkey Kong is jumping around avoiding barrels in the minimal milestone “otto”, which preludes the acid alien’s invasions coming with tracks “nove” and “dieci”. “Plastico” will make you dancing.
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