Muhr – Hantises




Vincent Fugère’s last album, Dream Dictionary ( released on Les Enregistrements Variables, which is now on this very site ), dwelled in the grime of nightmares with ghostly pianos, noise and lamented guitars. This time Muhr goes back to his roots, taking in some of the aspects from his The Kodama Institute ep as well as his older, more beaty work to release ” Hantises “.
While some tracks are heavy, with trip-hop beats crumbling under the pressure of the weighty atmospheres, some others rely on space and sparseness. On hantise, you enter the physical manifestation of the terrain thread in Dream Dictionary; as terror and gloom slowly creep on the horizon, you are forced to look inside and find the calm and light-heartedness to face it.Un mot en français; Rouge et The dead ( démocratie remix ) ont été fortement inspiré de mes foulées dans les manifs du printemps érable. La force et la détermination de mon peuple m’inspire énormément. On se revoit dans la rue !

Along with the album, you can check out the additional visuals photographed and designed by Vincent Fugère. ( below and here )

Music and Photography by Vincent Fugère

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