sanefiftyfour – Our Time in the Invisible Wars

sanefiftyfour – Our Time in the Invisible Wars


“Our Time in the Invisible Wars”

sanefiftyfour is an anonymous musician/writer who lives in Kansas (USA). Initially motivated by the same impulses that lead others to a bohemian/rock lifestyle, he eventually realized that music was a way for him to conduct social research, and that tenures in bands playing radically different genres of music would enable him to gain valuable insights into the myriad conflicting American subcultures. His twenty-first century recordings, while largely computer -based, inevitably reflect the experience and misadventure that follow from that sort of attitude, and he considers himself a sort of American primitive, aligned with a (very) small group of “redneck” heartland artists.

“Our Time in the Invisible Wars” is a series of timbre experiments, ranging from noise to dark ambient. They were either variations on material from the early-to-mid twentieth century by various Anglo (USA, UK) composers (in which case the source midi has been cut up and reversed to the point where it is unrecognizable), or they were the outcome of aleatory/chance exercises. The goal, for about half of the pieces, was to try for as much sonic variety as possible; the goal for the other half is stasis. A smirk at Krautrock pervades throughout.

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