V.A. – VKRS Purespace Vol.07 Escaigne



“VKRS Purespace Vol.07 Escaigne”

VKRS are pleased to present this massive 18 track release on our netlabel. Featuring artists from the VKRS netlabel with previously unreleased tracks. Contributing artists include Candlegravity, Miranda Shvangiradze, Morandi Experiment, Slowdazzle, Stizreth, Soft Wasp, coLEmanmusicproject, Ishtar, Rotorro, Cyra Morgan, Monsieur Electronic, Matt Hyde and introducing Masaya Sasaki and Zefora , two artists who are new to the VKRS netlabel.

We hope you enjoy the journey through the musical minds of the artists involved and would urge you to show support to those artists.

VKRS would like to thank all involved with this release and in particular Sean Crownover ( aka Candlegravity ) for his time and commitment to this release.

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