John Love – White Sessions


John Love

“White Sessions”

When David Teboul of the extraordinary ambient outfit “Linear Bells” approached me with a view to releasing an album on my netlabel, I found myself with an unexpected dilemma. I told David that whilst I would be delighted to release some of his music, I had a problem in that I could envisage “Linear Bells” as potentially being seen as the Linear Obsessional “house band”. I may have been unduly cautious, but instead I offered David a commission – to do something different from Linear Bells under a different name.

I’m delighted that David rose to the challenge and got past my paranoia to produce something rather special, under the name John Love. “White Sessions” is not an ambient album, it’s a little uncomfortable for that – at times it veers into noise territory, and manages to push together some unfamiliar and unlikely sonic textures into some satisfying new shapes. These laminal constructions are unsettling in their persistence and compelling in their mood, and they suit this label very well. Take your time.

-Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessional Recordings

Download comes with PDF booklet of notes and images.

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