Cagey House – This Flag Means be Still


Cagey House

“This Flag Means be Still”

“These tracks are about stasis.

“Living Grass on I-70” started as a short percussion solo. I slowed it way down–something like 800%–until the sound became really degraded. Then I kept altering the pitch until the sonic degradations became the main voice in the track.

“The Finger Can’t See” is an experiment with out of phase repetition, boredom, and annoyance.

“Delicate Clock Runs the Street” is the result of a set of rules that force harmonic motion while simultaneously preventing resolution.”

“The Second Fawn” is an arrangement of a single sample (at different pitches and durations) of a Thor’s Hammer virtual synthesizer being turned off in mid-note.” – Cagey House

01 – Living Grass on I-70
02 – The Finger Can’t See
03 – Delicate Clock Runs the Street
04 – The Second Fawn

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