Etterem – Dark Irish. Some Tunes



“Dark Irish. Some Tunes”

Musical project by Francesco Vecchi from Milano, an already known artist in Nostress Netlabel with the moniker Jenseits. His new debut with the pseudonym Etterem is a project “soaked” with musicality and different genres and bravely places to live entirely together in an innovative and unusual mixture that himself defines Electro Dark Irish. Conjunctions and contamination of traditional music / popular (in this case Irish) and in a strong alliance with bravely and electronic psychedelia all mixed up with the key of the “loop” and “obsessive repetition.” Nostress Netlabel could not remain indifferent to this kind of experimentalism and avant-garde as in this case and decided to characterize this project and make it even more unique promoting it and distributing it in electronic digital format and also, for fans of the genre, vinyl creating a new catalog and reported exclusively refered to projects of all innovative and special. The artist Etterem performed his LP “Dark Irish.Some Tunes” during the event NN Live 001, first edition of periodic events organized by Nostress Netlabel with the aim of promoting live performances and publications in digital and on various media in order to focus more attention on the activities of the label through the diffusion of the music catalog through the use of “vintage taste” support like vinyl.
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