23RedAnts & moniKa ledesma – droning snow (in brown color)


23RedAnts & moniKa ledesma

“droning snow (in brown color)”

Mainly based on free improvisation, 23RedAnts, a spanish duo with Macarena Montesinos and Niet F-n moves in different directions mixing noise, melody, glitch music, silences, field recordings, loops and irregular rhythms in new and surprising ways together with moniKa ledesma, an artist able to create and perform music that crosses the genres in an always original and unexpected way with long sessions that drives the listener through a contradictory and hallucinated universe made by acoustic or distorted sounds mixed with taste and attention for details.”droning snow (in brown color)” is a surreal music project, a perception of experimental drone with a series of dynamics motivated by the presence of a cello as added value and stimulus for serious electro environmental raw sounds. An execution in dark ambient style but slightly balanced by an exact experimental noise-avant-garde direction just a little bit far from the traditional dark ambient style
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