Brandumize – All Day Long



“All Day Long”

“All day long” is a 3-seasons EP, which means that its tracks were built up with different influences and tastes when choosing sounds and the way of working on them, from soft and springy trips to hard and rude hammers so you can dance like there is no tomorrow. During the last year Brandumize eventually started to publish music, and then they had the pleasure of playing it in front of a public too; this is their way of celebrating the “received stimuli” meeting new people, trying new tools and instruments and so on…before they’ll lock up themselves in studio again for quite a while.
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Ars Sonor – The Second Circle

Ars Sonor

“The Second Circle”

“Like a cross between Vangelis and Fuck Buttons” (c) Jonathan Sharma

Air Protection Office – JUNE


Air Protection Office


produced by EKAR RECORDS label
all tracks are released under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND. -International-

1- June (original)
2- June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)
3- June (Mauro Martinuz Dub version)

Written,produced and recorded by Air Protection Office
Mixed and Mastered at Transfert studio by : Mauro Martinuz
Cover design by Air Protection Office
Photo artwork all right reserved Fabio Zagolin

JUNE by Air Protection Office is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 3.0 Unported.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)


Nick Rivera

“The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)”

This is the single from the new Nick Rivera’s album called “Zamalek“.
Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between. This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it.
Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.
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Jenseits – Nomade Psichico Suite



“Nomade Psichico Suite”


At the origin of this project there is Jenseits (Francesco Vecchi from Milano), who wishes to revisit, cite and recite poetry and texts of some songs from “Nomade Psichico”, music work released for “I dischi del mulo” / “C.P.I. (Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti)”, an historical group of the Italian 90s underground music, the AFA (Acid Folk Alleanza) and an oniric “reading” an excerpt from the book ” Provincia Exotica” by Fabrizio “Taver” Tavernelli (voice and leader of the AFA), all complemented and enhanced by two original Jenseits tracks. The project is developed in collaboration with the indie label “Lo Scafandro”, delivered by “Taver” himself. We like to define this second Jenseits work as “psycho-electro sci-fi cover music”.

Nomade Psichico Suite

Imagine yourself suspended in the empty icy, adrift in a diving suit, immersed in an infinite silence, away from anything that could be reassuring. You are finished in a space gravitational cemetary, a space debris landfill, spaceships and satellites damaged pieces. Now with these objects try to rebuild a module with ingenuity and desperation, a new building of rough technology survivalist, a rickety space station, a survival structure in a hostile and empty universe. The same space recovery operation performed by Jenseits, tracks, records abandoned in a vacuum. An suite of expansion where pulse signals and messages are collected, processed, analyzed and finally remixed with what remains of a technology of a race once projected into the future and now more closer to a final entropy. Clusters, reverbs, loops dirty and corroded, echo that rebeats between unknown dimensions. “Nomade Psichico Suite” is a meticulous archeology cosmic work, a decipher of distant and unknown languages. As the last light that travels through time to give us news of the death of a star. As in the last human civilization reigns a daily apocalypse. Jenseits is a collector, just as they were the first hominid groups on planet Earth, nomads in search and discovery. Abandoned riches founded on the route, sounds, words, feelings, everything useful for use for reassembly. Forced to the invention, to restore energy and life to what seemed lifeless, but still maintains, in a property, a memory. Fossil life forever seared, enclosed, preserved for that and for those who will come. Matter to be reassembled in an abstract and astral. Giving a new function to sound objects destined to eternal silence. My fossil is “Nomade Psichico,” an album that I jealously protect in a remote part of my soul, a work that marked me, a building and a project that I projected far away, where I thought impossibile to get. An astronomical platform from which I could see, to listen what I had never been able to receive. And just by observing and traveling into the endless space, only the moment of maximum expansion of consciousness, I discovered that I was traveling in myself, in my subconscious, in my deepest own. In the best science fiction interior. So admirable and captious like a black hole, the work that you add in this monolithic work, a labyrinthine inlay pictures, films, literary references, visions and illuminations. Jenseits understood what was behind it, what was there before, what was inside and what was beyond the album “Nomade Psichico.” It’s an amazing kaleidoscopic refraction, a sister galaxy, which is reflected in the multiverse. A ring structure, a circular breathing, a trance, a spiral nebula. Jenseits is the continuation of a trip to an indefinite time, which requires a change of generations for a dark path is revealed by light years of wandering. Reach a new planet, attain a truth, there be achieved, only one destination and now the command of the starship has a new crew brave and utopian, decided in the unexplored walk over the border. Until the next dimensional shift. Good Voyage Major Francis and remember the flight codes.

From the Diary of Debordaggio, Taver

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Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition)



“Awkish (Remixes Edition)”

Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition) Includes remixes by: Maurizio Miceli, Fingers in the Noise, Axs, Markus Masuhr and Orson Throb | Cover design by Neural Visuals | You can download this release on
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etc. – abide

Intoxicated Piano – Vice versa


Intoxicated Piano

“Vice versa”

Please welcome Intoxicated Piano – a one person project, created by Oxy (Oksana Rumyantseva). You have already heard her captivating voice on Insanity13’s release Tragedy Triumph back in our catalogue. Intoxicated Piano was started in 2012 in Izhevsk, Russia and since then turned into performing act with many people joining Oxy on live concerts. Oksana is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a vocalist often collaborating with fellow musicians on their project. This EP could be described as a pensive indie pop with elements of trip-hop, strong atmosphere and sharp-cut style. You are all invited to take a bite and tell us what you think about it.
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Saito Koji – A Clockwork Guitar

[EPV_135 ]

Saito Koji

“A Clockwork Guitar”

■ EPV_135

This album is first full album of Saito Koji at EPV.

all tracks by Saito Koji
artwork by ono(elementperspective)

■ Saito Koji
Saito Koji, born December 25, 1978, is a musician currently
living in Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture. He played in
several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced
by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs,
and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of
an original kind of minimalism / improvisation.

:: other release ::
EPV_126 ”Womb”

EPV_132 ”Elephant”

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midnightradio11 – recirculation




“The music of midnightradio 11 is subject to no form and no rule established by me. It happens in the moment that it happens. It is not being formed in my head in advance. It is formed during creation. midnightradio11 and eisenlager are the two projects I have been pursuing since the year 2000. The sounds that evolve during creation reflect my humor, my fear, my life, my experiences and current events. I do not fit in any category but if I had to I would describe myself as an electric krautrocker. It makes me happy when people go on a journey with my music, when they tell me what they felt, what they remembered. When that happens I have reached my goal.”
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Nebyla – Nebyla




Artist: Nebyla
Title: Romantic EP
Catalog#: deepx219
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 01 Feb 2013
Style: Deep House

01. Nebyla – Romantic (6:15)
02. Nebyla – Bouquet Colour (6:28)
03. Nebyla – You Splendid (6:12)

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V.A. – Inhala




Welcome to the first of two parts of Breathe’s Fifth Anniversary compilations, a dream come true thanks to all artists who have participated in this time. As always, our intention is give to listeners quality music of independent producers around the world.
All you need is open your mind and ears. In this volume you can find new music by Invector, Ohuican, In Vitro, Nathan Jo, Ray Garrido, Nulix, Frallar, ArnAck, TSS Tortue Super Sonic, AxBx, Vate, djrefugeeSW, Lomz & Lezet, Transmission 13 and Ivan Black.
Support freedom, support Bradley Manning, Alberto Patishtán Gómez and other freedom fighters.
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gnyonpix – Everyday people



“Everyday people”

gnyonpix is a Kyoto-based musician.His style is minimal and refined synthpop and as known as footwork trackmaker.
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volcano radar – refutation of time


volcano radar

“refutation of time”

volcano radar is a fusion of ecstatic improvisational energy and apollonian intellect. a power quartet with dual free jazz/noise/avant guitarists elbio barilari and julia a. miller, legendary bassist harrison bankhead and incendiary drummer avreeayl ra, volcano radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms.

their debut album, refutation of time, consists of an improvised set that was recorded at experimental sound studio in chicago on february 26, 2013.

– See more at:

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claudio nuñez – ninguna libertad/baladas


claudio nuñez

“ninguna libertad/baladas”

claudio nuñez was born in buenos aires in 1959. he studied classical guitar during the 1970s and composition with hilda dianda. he received a choral conductor degree in 1980. he’s participated in several projects in los angeles and new york – storacci sextet, carlos miralles group, bhrama nada, the charlie martins quartet. he has also performed with sam hendrix, john riley, larry granadier, matt wilson, charles gayle, william parker, george fernandez, etc.

his music covers space modern jazz, free jazz, avant garde classical, indian classical music and new tango. he has long been a proponent of netlabels and free music

his first album for pan y rosas, ninguna libertad/baladas, is a double album that features free improv piano meditations with wordless vocal action underneath.

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A.S.T.ral – spionaggio in onde corte



“spionaggio in onde corte”


spionaggio in onde corte [0kbps035]

01 – ACHTUNG!!!
02 – galaxy news numbers radio
03 – mickey mouse learn numbers
04 – L(u/a)S.T.(ral) song


MAV [0kbps] Records, June 2013

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Max Scordamaglia – Ampiezza modulata/Etere


Max Scordamaglia

“Ampiezza modulata/Etere”

Max Scordamaglia

Ampiezza modulata/Etere [0kbps034]

01 – Ampiezza_modulata_01
02 – Ampiezza_modulata_02
03 – Ampiezza_modulata_03
04 – Ampiezza_modulata_04
05 – Ampiezza_modulata_05

01 – Etere-LW-00162-2311
02 – Etere-MW-00783-1856
03 – Etere-SW-05875-2326
04 – Etere-SW-06115-2118
05 – Etere-SW-07270-2156
06 – Etere-SW-07340-2039
07 – Etere-SW-07440-1953
08 – Etere-SW-09610-1713
09 – Etere-SW-09635-2246
10 – Etere-The Buzzer

MAV [0kbps] Records, June 2013

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alec troniq – mind mill

[ 092]

alec troniq

“mind mill”

Summer has arrived, finally. And nothing could prove that better than the new Broque EP from Alec Troniq which seems to anticipate the entire outdoor fun to come in a single EP. The “Mind Mill” EP is loaded with swinging and melodic house tracks and beams with playful ideas, light melodies, a fair share of hands-in-the-air moments and a good deal of pop appeal. Dresden-based Alec Troniq gives us five new tracks seducing us with their sunny temper and light-hearted charm. While “I Don’t Need” is carried by its passionate vocals, the hot-blooded “Like So” and “Soulquake Girl” embrace you with their playful flamenco-like guitar hooks and subtle filter vibes. Last but not least the powerful magic of “Mind Doodles”, featuring the distinctive vocals of Gabriel Vitel, condenses all the magic ingredients of this EP into one strikingly beautiful house track: traditional songwriter skills with a touch of big emotions embedded into enthralling grooves which work their charms on the dancefloor as well as beyond. For the darker side of the night, Broque mate DML contributes his own dub techno take on the “Mind Doodles” theme and concludes an EP which – we are certain – will be a regular encounter during this very summer season.
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BOOL – I eat phantom



“I eat phantom”

“Style of this album is a Poem core.
Based on the impact of the Japanese sub-culture (anime, music, comedy, game, radio) it was created in a room of small dark home.
It is said to emerge from the magnificent strain of day-to-day trivial matters.
In this album, abstract language has been used in addition to the Japanese.
Even a man speaking in Japanese when listening will not understand half.
I believe that there is value in that kind of chaos.” – BOOL

01 – after dark
02 – cloud of heaven
03 – Ancient city emerge
04 – tacon÷tacon
05 – vivi

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Nev.Era feat. LaMeduza – Distant EP


Nev.Era feat. LaMeduza

“Distant EP”

Far away in a hot country, where the forests aren´t growing and rain isn´t raining. Only a dry crude desert, stones and dust that are surrounding your mind. Nobody´s present. Only you and your passion to music, which will follow you, step by step, to the next place called DISTANT. Distant EP is coming right now from the Spanish producer Nev.Era and his friend LaMeduza. The part of this EP is also mysterious remix from Slovak producer Abnormal.
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Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis – Warm As Ice EP


Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis

“Warm As Ice EP”

Artist: Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis
Title: Warm As Ice EP
Catalog#: deepx218
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 29 Jan 2013
Style: Tech House

01. Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis – Warm As Ice (6:17)
02. Teplai Laski – Deflagration In The Sun (6:02)
03. George Kalentzis – Dicembre (6:41)

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Imprinting – Fields




Mark and Janis Dougherty from North Carolina (USA) recently finished recording their first music project titled “Fields” inspired by drone pioneers like Windy & Carl and The Auburn Lull and composers like Phillip Glass and Olafur Arnalds. Imprinting’s minimal electric guitar, vocal and keyboard soundscapes are intended to appeal to the spirit of youthfulness and spiritual residing in us all and alluring music plays on themes of art, poetry, childhood and innocence.
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Genclops – Jelly EP



“Jelly EP”

Genclops is Joe Pellegrino, all songs made manipulating 2a03 and MMc5 NES chips.
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David Inexacte – Live at Spring Break 2013


David Inexacte

“Live at Spring Break 2013”

Live at Sping Break Hoteler 2013 Festival
March 28th 2013 Vic, Barcelona
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Crennwiick – Untitry EP



“Untitry EP”

Electroattack! Warbling basslines, creamy atmospheres and fizzy melodies. Untitry EP from Crennwiick is a cocktail tasting fresh and prickling madly.

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Schemawound – Haiku 07 by Schemawound



“Haiku 07 by Schemawound”

Each artist has contributed a three track release in increments of five minutes, seven minutes, and five minutes accompanied by a Haiku poem. Each song represents the line of the poem including title and reflection.
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Marsh and May – casting off

Marsh and May- castingoff
at bandcamp


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