Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed – We Are D.L.A.M.I.A.D. And You Caren’t

UPL 057

Don’t Look At Me I Am Deformed

“We Are D.L.A.M.I.A.D. And You Caren’t”

I came out of my house one morning to find this monstrosity on my doorstep without any note or explanation. A single set of footprints in the mud ran from my stairs for a few meters only to abruptly end in the middle of nowhere. “Personal Space!” I screamed to no one in particular, shaking my fist. Then I proceded to listen.

I guess this is supposed to be mainly electronic dance music but to actually call it that would be an insult to dance music. Although rightfully bouncy and even catchy from time to time, this seems more like a twelve year old with severe ADHD heard three dance tunes from the nineties and proceded to replicate it using sampling techniques from the eighties. Sometimes it goes very well, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the author intended. It is sloppy, amateurish, crude and possibly illegal. It is right up our alley. Enjoy.

-Jan Strach, Underpolen Netlabel