AN MOKU – the kodama remixes



“the kodama remixes”

a remix album that consists of 12 tracks based on only one (and such a fragile) song could easily fail conceptually. but not here! something very rare happens here instead: the remix artists augment the original mood and prevailing atmosphere of the basis track by adding new layers and aspects instead of varying the same loops and phrases again and again. they complement the fragments in their own, individual ways and supply additional elements, just like a painting evolves from a sketch or characters in a good tv show mature with every episode. twigs are snapped. branches are creaking and crack. leaves crinkle in the background and occasionally the tree ghosts are even dancing. and when they do, they do this in a their own quirky but nevertheless fascinating way.

instead of being a mere collection of variations as one might suggest, “the kodama remixes” is a surprising album which enriches the eponymous title track by one untold aspect after the other. at the same time this album is the documentation of an impressive creative process that sometimes is still present in today’s electronic music and results in such surprising and great releases every now and then.