Bleak Fiction – Prolonged Memory


Bleak Fiction

“Prolonged Memory”

“Prolonged Memory” is the third LP of Bleak Fiction. It features ambient/drone with some post-rock influence. The concepts are about solitude, memories, love, thoughts, dreams and wishes.

Songs 1-2-3-4-6-7 by Bleak Fiction.
Song 5 made by Bleak Fiction (drones, noises) & Proyecto Lazarus (voices, field recordings, drones)

Artwork: Janez Jot
She would love to work with music, but before, she uses to take a camera, brushes and plastic materials.
She works on art: knowledge, find meanings, researching, expression and listen through it.
Also, she experiments with possibilities and plays with perspectives,
to make prominent different shapes. In short, show a new version.