Free Variety Theatre – Galactic Anatomy


Free Variety Theatre

“Galactic Anatomy”

Free Variety Theatre was founded in early 2013 by Alexander Cutteridge and Daniel Moschopoulos as a vehicle for online collaboration—initially non-realtime distance collaborations with likeminded artists on SoundCloud. We have already established working relationships through attentive offline collaboration with musicians and producers in North and South America, Australia and throughout Europe, and have recently extended our outlook into the realm of tele-musical internet performance.

In parallel to our collaborative efforts, we have, over the last year or so, been developing and refining more conventional modes of improvising (namely playing in the same space and time). “Galactic Anatomy” is FVT’s first collection of recordings featuring the two of us playing alone. We have cautiously defined the genre as “techneurotic jazz”. The main intrigue/challenge from the outset has been to convincingly integrate improvised performance on traditional acoustic instruments (piano, electric guitar, trumpet) with digital electronic devices (laptop, samplers, analogue modelling).