Ishtar – Aqua




A VKRS Netlabel Release : vkrsnl045

I’m yours, you’re mine
Aqua – in aqua

Patterns moving, soul is still
Souls of mine, yours, alive and mutual
Flow unique, united, melt in One
Beyond, beyond, beyond

Aqua – in aqua

“Aqua. Fluid, mutable, silently resilient, magically ubiquitous.

We come from Aqua – the first breath, the final tear.
Aqua is life, boundary, energy, protection, mystery, challenge,
attraction, distance, death, dream, memory. Aqua is simple and
infinite, complex and inexplicable.

This album is Aqua.
Songs melt and echo in each other, glide, evolve and return,
It’s a minute bend in a universal, eternal, flow – it’s a glimpse of
something we all share, the One we wordlessly are.

This album is for my children.
We are Aqua. ”