Wings of an Angel – The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows

Wings of an Angel – The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows

Wings of an Angel

“The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows”

When you remain alone for a long period of time, confined between four or more walls, but still confined nonetheless, an inner dialogue takes place inside you, thus the Unearthly Demagogue is born. Like in Fernando Pessoa’s psychobiography, many a personalities of varying stages of development, take over your psyche and engage in an everlasting psychoactive dialogue. As rich as this dialogue is and can be, you are nonetheless still locked between the prison walls of your own psychological limitations. This prison, in due time, becomes your safe haven; your very own Amber Of Sorrows, the very place you always escape to when the outside world threatens of annihilate your sense of self-identity.
This is however a Golden Cage. This world based upon interpersonal relationships, and for the most part, our spiritual/cultural development and progress take shape as a result of an interactive interaction with the world around us and its multitude of inhabitants, that is our fellow human beings. Consciousness is not an isolated solipsistic substance – it always expresses itself in a larger social framework and context. Therefore, as safe as your Amber of Sorrows might be, in order to keep moving and exploring new terrains, you must break free!
Slowly but surely, unleash the Unearthly Demagogue, with all the pain and longing it entails, to engage freely in the world, actively contribute and be contributed back, to love others platonically and romantically and be loved for who you are, a fragile multi-layered and vulnerable, all too vulnerable, human being.