Lil’ Stewy – Break Free feat. Tha Real U & The Essence


Lil’ Stewy

“Break Free feat. Tha Real U & The Essence”

‘Break Free’ is a cross-regional collaboration between three regions of the South African Western Cape province.

The song features both West Coast and South Coast rappers, namely Tha Real U and Lil Stewy, accompanied by an Overberg artist known as The Essence.
It is the first Shaloma Muzik release by Lil Stewy, after joining the label in November 2014. The song anticipates the #ShalomaFuture series, proposed by the label for the year 2015. Upon release, ‘Break Free’ reached the Soundcloud Download Limit of 100 downloads after 3 hours and 38 minutes, making it the most rapidly downloaded Shaloma Muzik release to date.

It reflects the life of the three artist and their outlook at possible stardom. Knowing that they would need to increase their artistic reputation and build their careers in music, they each reflect on what it means to break free from everyday life through their passion for music and how this passion is interlinked with their reverence for God.

The song could be linked to a previous Shaloma Muzik release in 2012 known as ‘Long Nights’. This was the first Shaloma Muzik breakthrough release into the West Coast Hip-Hop community. Similarly, ‘Break Free’ became Shaloma’s breakthrough into various other communities – and audiences. It is the first release by the label after it’s redevelopment.

The first verse sees Lil Stewy introducing his ambitions with reference to his faith in the Lord and the promise he finds thereof.

The song continues with Tha Real U analyzing what his life feels like on a regular basis, and touches on what he aspires to withhold or reach. It also tickles the current state of Hip-Hop as Real U critiques and expresses his remorse thereof.

The concluding verse by The Essence provides a summary of both the previous two verses through the perspective of the rapper’s life.

Essence mentions that music is his release and expresses that although fame and stardom might not be reached, music is still a tool for expression.
He then adds that with God everything is possible to those who believe, motivating the listeners to put their faith in a Higher-being and striving to achieve their dreams.

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