Hardwired – Liminal

Hardwired – Liminal



We’ve featured Hardwired before in a previous VA compilation, but thought it would be good to feature the man again in his own EP release. Liminal is a selection of works from Hardwired back catalogue.

Some retro sounds (angular), very autechre sounding work (folding rna) and even Boards inspired (2nd last dream, 3rd last dream). Mellow, chilled out, atmospheric, in time for the summer sun.

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downloads at archive.org

Title: Nethebet (feat. Alima)
Artist: Morpho
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: Sun is Dub
Artist: The Dubbstyle
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: 63 gang
Artist: BOUTI
License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 FR

Title: Leans Back
Artist: SertOne
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US

Title: Mur Gamusa ft. Dekaa
Artist: Su Real
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: Confused feat. Ewelina Bartosik
Artist: Piotr Figiel
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Title: Panama
Artist: Kodacrome
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: MB
Artist: A.Moss
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Title: Mravenec
Artist: Černý hračky
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Title: Dr. Giger
Artist: Podpultura
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Title: Insula
Artist: Sane
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: Umpatengkar
Artist: Seralola
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: Kill The King
Artist: DFHK
License: CC BY 3.0

Title: Te Quiero Más(Formula Abierta)
Artist: EL PAKO
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Title: Drowning Twins
Artist: Linden Pomeroy
License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Various – Noise Factory 2018 “klangschatten”

Various – Noise Factory 2018 “klangschatten”
[ACP 1203]


“Noise Factory 2018 “klangschatten””

Arne Heisch
Lu Laumer
Dieter Mauson
Wolfgang Neven
Dan Penschuck
Sascha Stadlmeier
Henning André Voss
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Laura Cavan – Unsuspicious

Laura Cavan – Unsuspicious

Laura Cavan


Laura Cavan is a french visual artist who also works with sounds, and especially natural ones like in her first album Unsuspicious. This project started in 2016 when Laura Cavan was studying arts in Marseille and created an installation using pieces of wood found in the area of her school (which is located close to a forest). The insertion of contact microphones in these pieces of woods allowed to transmit small vibrations emitted by its inhabitants : termites. The resulting sounds were sent in real time through headphones for the installation’s visitors.

Early 2019, some of these sounds have been selected, edited and mixed by Kecap Tuyul in for the realisation of this album. Different, light treatments (mostly equalization) have been applied to the orginal tracks, without trying to hide the recorder’s hiss nor other unwanted sounds, but rather with the aim of letting appear all aspects of the recordings in an organic way. The results don’t pretend to give an accurate reproduction of termit’s sound but should rather be considered like sound pieces where the recording technology is a part of the material and not a transparent medium. As a sequel of this release, Kecap Tuyul is currently working on tracks mixing electronic sounds with Laura Cavan’s recordings.

The artwork is made of a selection of Laura Cavan’s drawings of these wood pieces which that were created for her installation.

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origami repetika – pictures of people crying

origami repetika  – pictures of people crying
[GT1085 ]

origami repetika

“pictures of people crying “


Do you see pictures of people crying?
Do you feel like a feeling all gone flat?
Are you trying? I know how to try
Do you look for pictures of people crying?

Alright let’s go
I’ve got a way for you waiting for you
waiting for you at dawn

and I’ve felt it all before
and I look to see pictures of people crying

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Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream

“Hexenplatz EP”

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Hexenplatz
Cat: GAY005
Genre: Super hot out of this world magical cream style
Runtime: 7:46 minGAY super star Harley Cream is back with an amazing bewitching EP ready to haunt you with sheer amaze-balls full of extraordinary music! Filled with mysterious spells, uniqueness and enough fired up fire in his soul; the unbeaten talent brings you to the Hexenplatz. It’s the intriguing place that covers wide arrangements, complete unexpectedness, graveyard party times and bewildering magnificent magical moments! No Viagra could ever make you more rock hard than the material captured on this hot collection of must have material! Super HOT!

Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken – Noodle Soup

Toxic Chicken

“Noodle Soup”

Toxic Chicken’s Noodle Soup.

free download, fun -hot and spicy, electronic, experimental, weird music!

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Floating Mind – FreeEP

Floating Mind – FreeEP
[monokrak 222]

Floating Mind


3 free WAV/MP3 tracks of deep mnml techno for monoKraK netlabel
Mastering by Dadive
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Spirit Come First – 1993 Again EP

Spirit Come First – 1993 Again EP
[MNF 032]

Spirit Come First

“1993 Again EP”

Monofónicos Netlabel presenta el nuevo proyecto de house experimental de Archaic Revival llamado Spirit Come First, donde su esencia es la música que no tiene reglas o límites en su creación.

Spirit Come First es un proyecto con una amplia gama de sonidos y texturas, desde un sonido vintage muy orientado al house que se ha revalorizado con el paso del tiempo hacia un toque acido y experimental.

Tras esto llegan los remixes de Archaic Revival, Insanity Circle y AFM, quienes nos muestra un sonido más directo hacia la pista de baile que avanza entre densas atmosferas y melodías orgánicas, en una línea para bailar.

Techno y House de mucha altura es lo que presenta este lado B de Archaic Revival, totalmente recomendado!!

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V3U – 2

V3U – 2



“It’s incredible, John! The plastic machine dancers are dancing perfectly in sync with the music!”

2 by V3U is now available on sub65

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Seralola – Ep #1

Seralola – Ep #1


“Ep #1”

Saat dunia berstigma bahwa musik adalah komoditas kacangan yang dibentuk konstruksi industri….
Dan pula saat mereka tak lagi jujur akan diri…
Konsepsi khayal yang terabaikan…
Malas mencari nyata dalam awang…
Terjebak fana realita…
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A.Moss – Carolina Raised

A.Moss – Carolina Raised


“Carolina Raised”

Back in early 2010 a Charlotte, North Carolina based label Black Flag Records was kinda blowing up with the release of a DJ Green Lantern presented mixtape. That compilation featured joints from their talented roster of artists. Although there was lots of fire on that comp, one artist stood out to me with his unique and on point delivery. That artist, A.Moss went on to release a solo album and a couple features on other releases. After that… crickets. Not just from him… from the label too. What seemed to be a promising label, proved to be short lived.

Then at some point around 2014, I found A.Moss’ Soundcloud page and saw that he had posted something new! The new song was incredible… I was psyched to see that he wasn’t done delivering music. Then… crickets… for little longer. Anyway… fast-forward to sometime the following year or so when I tweeted to him an open offer to release music at blocSonic. Fast-forward a few more months… he tweeted he was interested in talking about it… and now here we are!

Today we kick off the lead up to his first EP, “Gravel King”, which is set to drop on July 19th. His first new release since 2010! Leading up to the release of the EP… we’ll be dropping three fortyFives featuring previously unreleased gems from his archives and joints he released via soundcloud. This one features “Carolina Raised”, originally released as “Who killed it” on Soundcloud and “MB”, some fire from the archives. So download it… bump it loud… offend some neighbors… but most of all… enjoy.

Hey Moss… it’s great to finally have you on board here at blocSonic! Thank you, sir. Can’t wait to release Gravel King! Welcome to the blocSonic fam.

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

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Soletik – Disinformatics

Soletik – Disinformatics



Style | Genre: Abstract, Broken Beat, Electronic, Experimental, Glitch, IDM
Duration: 00:15:55
Released: 24.05.2019Tracklist:
01. 98 Static
02. Hide Indifference
03. Afterpoints
04. Inform F18
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origami repetika – winged creatures

origami repetika  – winged creatures

origami repetika

“winged creatures “

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a.d.du.nord – Sana Grano

a.d.du.nord – Sana Grano


“Sana Grano”

A.d.du.nord is a musician who doesn’t work in a particular style but is guided by ideas of the moment without feeling compelled to maintain a single sound aesthetic. His first releases have been a few minimalist drone tracks published in 2018. He now aims to create some kind of “post-music” that is “strange and dysfunctional”. In short, a.d.du.nord is a project for free experimentation, where everything is possible.

Sana Grano is some kind of mixtape that gathers ten one minute long improvised sequences created with granular synthesis tools. The choice of samples was purely intuitive, and the results are partially aleatory. But if you listen between the lines, you may find reminscences of dub and afrobeat.

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Holorime – Uitled 1

Holorime – Uitled 1


“Uitled 1 “

‘Don’t worry about changing your shirt. The party we’re headed to is for sloppy people.’

Uitled 1 by Holorime is now available on sub65

#sloppyidm #electronic #lobit #sub65media

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Eniac – Cangiante

Eniac – Cangiante



his project (Eniac), has started in 1997 as an experimentation on the use of feedbacks and tape loops. In 1999 he started publishing music with a tape (split with Cria Cuervos); then the project evolved in different directions over the years: computer music, glitch, anche elctreoacoustic. He released music for recodx label like: Acustronica, Adaadat, Almost Halloween Time, Cathedral Transmissions, Chew-Z, Creative Sources, Edison Box, Many Feet Under, Sonospace, Touchin’ Bass.

Cangiante represent a point of view on the past (20 years) and on the future (the new projects will be under the name of Fabio Battistetti and Brezza).

The tracks have been composed at Blue Angle studio, between 2018 and 2019, using recordings and loops from the personal archive, including a short excerpt from a track recorded in 1999.

The titles of the tracks are quotes and references to past influences over the course of 20 years and visions of the present:

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Bebhionn – Convergencia

Bebhionn – Convergencia

4T Thieves – Electronic Tonalities

4T Thieves – Electronic Tonalities

V.A. – angst vs. anticyclic new trauma guarded and ripped despite engagement

V.A. – angst vs. anticyclic new trauma guarded and ripped despite engagement
[ACPS 1027]


“angst vs. anticyclic new trauma guarded and ripped despite engagement”

01. DYSTOPIAN LEGACY – Støberiet 08:59
02. experiment#508 – The Path Was Clear 11:58
04. SOFIA BERTOMEU – Abstract Thought 06:53
05. STUDIO KO-OP – Don Trumpee 11:08

cover art by Claus Poulsen
design by EMERGE

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Sane – Insula EP

Sane – Insula EP


“Insula EP”

it’s time for new releases ! !

we are back with great music from sane! freaky stuff…. thanks for being part of schmob

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Akusmatic – System of Edges

Akusmatic – System of Edges


“System of Edges”

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The Dry Mouths – Memories From The Pines Bridge

The Dry Mouths – Memories From The Pines Bridge

The Dry Mouths

“Memories From The Pines Bridge “

Jam brutal desde Almería (Spain) producido por los propios The Dry Mouths.

Grabado en Sonobalance Studio por Victor Ortiz asistido por Alberto Chamorro & Daniel Ruiz

The Dry Mouths:
Christ O. Rodrigues: guitarra, theremin
Andy Reyes: bajo
Josh Morales: Batería

Artwork por Iván Carreño

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Xavier Mussat – Provided for Courses

Xavier Mussat – Provided for Courses

Xavier Mussat

“Provided for Courses”

After 5 years spent exploring improvised and noise guitar, Xavier Mussat opened a parenthesis without his usual instrument. He recorded abstract sound ambiances to be used as background sounds to accompany the work of his students during the intuitive drawing classes he gives. Here simplicity prevailed : he used the cheap internal microphone of his computer and several objects (bowls, balls, crumpled paper, table, and finally a hint of prepared banjo), as well as remixed sounds taken from videos of snowy landscapes. Experimenting with the austerity of a minimalist aesthetic, he extracted 4 tracks from these raw textures and materials.
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Axiom 23 – Clouds

Axiom 23 – Clouds

Axiom 23


Glitchy ambient. Granular soundscapes. Field recordings. Found sounds.

(029) – Black Files EP

(029) – Black Files EP


“Black Files EP”

New Release!
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Knolios – My light in the dark

Knolios – My light in the dark
[Picpack 258]


“My light in the dark”

My light in the dark
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