BERTHELOT – Principe d’incertitude des espaces imperceptibles

BERTHELOT – Principe d’incertitude des espaces imperceptibles


“Principe d’incertitude des espaces imperceptibles”

Composed of modulated quantum capsules, this album analyzes the principle of uncertainty, or, more correctly, the principle of indeterminacy of Heisenberg, under the meta-sonic influence of Berthelot’s theorem on the curvature of imperceptible spaces.

In quantum mechanics, the precise value of a particle’s physical parameters, such as its position or velocity, is not determined until it is measured. A quantum object could therefore be “in several places at the same time” (this is what my neighbor Schrödinger says about his cat, but I think he is using too much wine from the Loire Valley).
But this paradox is only apparent because classical scalar magnitudes are insufficient to describe quantum reality.
We then use the sound wave functions of Berthelot’s theorem, modular vectors that demonstrate that the uncertainty principle invariably leads to imperceptible spaces of infinite dimensions.

If the principle of indeterminacy of Heisenberg is a quantum reality, Berthelot’s theorem is not one.
Only the meta-sound analysis of this album remains, consisting mainly of analogically tangible and numerically virtual electronic structures.
Listening with good quality non-quantum headphones is recommended.

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