Michael Valentine West – Discrete Objects

Michael Valentine West – Discrete Objects

Michael Valentine West

“Discrete Objects”

The album “Discrete Objects” was conceived whilst observing geometry in nature and trying to make a connection between it, neuroscience and abstract physics theories. This led to the question; could using a series of ‘discrete objects’ intentionally cause a cognitive change in the listener?

To test this idea, a number of processes (discrete objects) were used to enhance the recordings. This envolved the subtle usage of neural oscillators (alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta waves), isochronic tones, binaural beats, harmonic counterpoint and stereo placement.

The result was a slowly evolving musical body of work in which the listener is gradually coaxed into an altered state, vaguely equivalent to ‘tripping’.

In order to fully take advantage of this album, playback on decent stereo speakers that are optimally placed, or good headphones are recommended. However, Discrete Objects can still be enjoyed from a purely musical aspect without these recommendations.

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