Hana Sent – Eyes Cream

Hana Sent – Eyes Cream

Hana Sent

“Eyes Cream”

“Eyes Cream” by Hana Sent open up with the syncopated percussive arpeggios of “Arctic Toys”, which introduce a slow but decisive beat, markedly eighties, before cool melodies like a gin tonic on the rocks let us enter the mood of the album. It continues with the dreamy melodic lines of the title track, which take us on a sunny Caribbean beach, complete with windblown palm trees and tortoise sunglasses. “Hanawon Nights” does the verse to a certain synth pop of the 90s, with its claps on beat and a rolling snare that charges the percussive inputs, a SID sound marimba completes the picture, assured headbanging, for the most exquisitely dancey piece of the EP. In the slow and moving body of “Body High” you find echoes of a Moby under ice, always with a splash of gin, and you can dream of a long summer sea in the west coast frequented by lovers of rollerblading. “Disco Splendydog” takes advantage of a great bass-up spin and inserts 8bit elements and fast rhythm synths, with vocal samples, fake scratches and tb303: early house, early acid, early pleasure. The EP closes with the melancholic melodies of “Kimchi Break Out”, like in dreams, which when they end leave a smile on your face but also a certain nostalgia. Thanks for the beautiful dream, Hana Sent.
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