C/VVV – Gracias por nada

C/VVV – Gracias por nada


“Gracias por nada”

“C/VVV spaceship is approaching, shaking not the dust off: its pieces sewn in emptiness, fiber travelling centuries, living, learning, and, at the same time, generating an antigen to the Whole, offering Naught an enlivened realm. Steadily moving, back and forth, all to zero, growing a cultivated, singular spirit in the face of constant fluctuations, acquiring communicative competences thru countless, unknown phases, changes, headways. The ship keeps flowing, moving alongside alienating turbulences and foggy cataracts in the eyes of the object. The past is always there, a warm, embracing, profound obscurity; essential company and accomplice, wise advisor, willing to unleash the heavy load. Turning the trip into a fading-balanced map, erasing frontiers, receiving the unexpected, organic, ever-expanding-paradox, latent beat.”

Iñaki Muñoz
(Santiago, Chile. Agosto / August, 2019).

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