Poborsk – 11 116

Poborsk – 11 116


“11 116”

Poborsk makes his Crazy-Language debut with a very special sensory release for us the listeners and to the producer himself. These seven crisp constantly shifting artefacts are the result of a multitude of live tracks, reworked here for cozy home listening, from when the producer opened a gig in Lyon for the legendary Autechre. The giddy excitement is palpable on the craftsmanship present on each song, not only recollecting the Manchester based duo’s latest atonal journeys but with the rhythmic balance and jiggly synth work, trademark of Poborsk’s varied discography. It’s hard not to get up and start contorting your body onto odd angles with bangers such as Docteur Flanger or Collapse.

As is tradition with Crazy-Language’s latest outputs, this release contains 3 very methodical video pieces that seem to clash perfectly with the pristine nature of the audio journey. These glitched, heavily erratic pieces are the contrast needed to bring everything full circle. Or in Poborsk’s case full Euclidean. (FG)

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