Teruyuki Kurihara – The Oblivion

Teruyuki Kurihara – The Oblivion

Teruyuki Kurihara

“The Oblivion”

This album is about oblivion. Oblivion, as a deep river of memories. People tend to forget everything, whether it is joy, sadness or regret. They repeatedly forget. But, these emotions don’t simply vanish. There are rather accumulated in the river of memory. At the turn of the season, almost out of the blue, memories come back. ‘The Oblivion’ is expressing the fragility of these forgotten memories, and Kurihara expresses this with the sounds of the guitar. It brings the listener on a journey into the deep and vast forest of oblivion. At times, a journey into deep waters. Stretched layers of sounds, deep ambient undercurrents. Hidden meanings lie amongst fragile (pieces of) tiny melodies. Just underneath the surface, the rumblings of forgotten memories twist reality into a different tomorrow. The old and outdated must be burned and destroyed in order for the new to resurface.
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