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Brains for sale


Brains for sale, or Brains in short, is a pseudonym of Tomas Trnik.
Brains is a Slovak musician focused mainly on alt rock / pop / electronica / singer-songwriter / rap and hip hop genres. The main Brains´s symbol is the mask, that doesn´t cover a face, but rather gives a face to this Brains character. Brains is in many ways Trnik´s alter-ego, that comes alive through music. The music is usually focused on fantasies, feelings, everyday life reflections and problems. It carries a lot of personal value and often times paints the picture of who Brains, or Trnik, really is. It lets us see inside and find the relatable content within. The music, the lyrics, the live shows, the aesthetics – it all creates a very strong bond with the listener, if allowed. The main goal of Brains for sale music is to connect with the listener and and create this bond. Brains for sale project now expanded of two new members, to enrich the live shows.
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