Nahualism – Circles In The Void

Nahualism – Circles In The Void


“Circles In The Void”

Oriiginally from Guatemala C.A. Co Founder of the Record Label Worthless.
Nahualism is the brother project of Juank Heart, where the artist expresses his most outstanding emotions in his most noble part as well as the most disturbing.

Nahualism is focused andIt is influenced in experimental sounds, in combinations of Drone and Ambiances added
with some subgenres of Techno such as Raw and Deep.

The vision of the project is to take a step beyond everything where the vibrations take over your mind, be in a trance with the most pleasant or the most chilling, his thinks is that music is art therefore imagination is a journey a three-dimensional sound to cause more sensations where each creation has spirit, the energies never lie.

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