The Cherry Blues Project – Mientras todo está Sucediendo


The Cherry Blues Project

“Mientras todo está Sucediendo”

ambient tributes

“Mientras todo está sucediendo” (“Meanwhile, Everything is Happening”)

We composed and created this album between April and September 2019, but we came up with the concept several years ago. The idea was to include ambiental pieces and associate them with well known songs, but only the titles. Even though it may seem otherwise, all the songs are ours. No covers at all. We just got inspired by the life and works of artists like John Lennon, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Pink Floyd or David Bowie. They left a mark not only musically, but as people, with their actions and thoughts, and we created and “dedicated” these soundscapes to them.

“You could live inside or outside the box, but meanwhile, everything is happening”

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