Manu Louis – Coltan Major Harmonics

Manu Louis – Coltan Major Harmonics

Manu Louis

“Coltan Major Harmonics”

Coltan Major Harmonics is a two tracks 7’’ by Manu Louis, which also features in an interactive Installation by Escif at MIMA Brussels.
On track A, Coltan and his catchy bass line features a cocktail of London singer Heidi Heidelberg and Manu’s voice in a groovy and outrageous song about the precious mineral. The music uses only the original material composed by Manu for Escif’s interactive installation.

Escif is a street artist based in Valencia , Spain. His imaginative works have captured a large audience that follows his work progress. He sees the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people. He does not look for decorative paintings, he mostly tries to wake up viewers’ minds.
In October 2019, Bansky and Escif made a collaboration with about a hand made tool with a happy ending makes a fine decorative companion to the fireside or radiator.

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