The Cherry Blues Project – On the Beach

The Cherry Blues Project – On the Beach

The Cherry Blues Project

“On the Beach”

Debut in Nostress Netlabel with the digit album “On the Beach” released in the festive month as far as possible from the theme of artistic work. The Cherry Blues Project is an experimental band of Argentine music and sound art formed in 2001. It consists of two original members who use the pseudonyms Cherry and Blues. The “process” is mainly based on playing and listening carefully to the sounds of the reality. The essential points are the creation of soundscapes and the permanent saving of their auditory memory, sometimes registering on some discs in everyday situations. Each album represents a certain stage. In their huge discography there is the presence of humor, noise, everyday life, play, performance, free experiences, ridiculous, absurd, silent, things that should not be taken seriously, lies, satires, unattainable things, champions of talent, integrity and homogeneity concepts, ideas developed up to the concretion, lack of respect for the ears of others, sound terrorism, contemplations of life, skepticism and at the same time religiosity, contradictions, electricity, disconnection, calm, chaos, free time, conversations and dialogues, violence , etc. Their research is not just about the “musical” side, but they try to generate some kind of reaction in the person who listens to them. One of their influences is the Fluxus movement. This means that the albums must not simply be appreciated for sound, but also by all the work that goes from design to its conception, in some conceptual cases. The Cherry Blues Project is a project born of the visual arts, not the interest in “music” itself, which is why they have great influences or “connections” with the Fluxus movement.
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