Various Artist – USC Territory #2 – Excursion

Various Artist – USC Territory #2 – Excursion

Various Artist

“USC Territory #2 – Excursion”

The USC space shuttle is docked to the Sector space radio station. Now this is not a training alert, so we are putting together a permanent landing squad among those who survived the training flight. This time we have a excursion into an unexplored zone with deep musical forms. They are strongly intertwined into one whole mix, so you need to listen to them, find individual elements and try to classify them. We ask you to complete all personal affairs as soon as possible and prepare mentally and physically for this mission!

Featuring works by Astrovia, Derek Nigell, Eugene Naumenko, Exalot, hash-head, Quantum Mechanics, Radio Silence, Ramio Lin, Randolf Scand, Rigel Centaurus, Saty, Vitaliy Baldych.

Conception, executive producer – Ian Gorboun
Compilation, mixing – Alexander Girin
Photography – Jonathan Borba
Design, artwork – Mike Winchester

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