various artist – PIKADON

various artist – PIKADON

various artist


PIKADON is a coproduction between the netlabels :
Cian Orbe Netlabel
Eg0cide Productions
Murmure Intemporel
The Necrophile Humingbird

What is “PIKADON” :
A collective experiment of mutation ?
Or only a remix album of the3 Best Of de Yoshiwaku, the essential of his music since 2011 :

  • Both, at the same time, it depends of You : if You just listen…
    Or if you choise to spend a little of your time to discover what is hidden behind the music…
  • Why Pikadon pop up at the dawn of 2020 ?
  • A distress rocket can also be used to draw attention to a solution particularly suited to the current situation…
    Who is Yoshiwaku Mushotoku : A vaguely humanoid sound generator or a kind of synthetic shaman ?
  • It’s a solo project focus on electronic improvisation. It’s also the last mutation of “OresteS”, which was known as “TKno BeurK” in the beginning in 1998.

He’s also a member of the anarcho-post-situationist band “La 6ème République” and of the noise supergroupe “K/W/A/Y” and of the plunderphonic collective without head “Vivid Tribe Of Psychics”
More d’information here

Pikadon trailer v2 1/3
Pikadon teaser 2/3
Pikadon cinemix 3/3

The playlist is mostly the same than the best of playlists.

Light Dedication :
Pikadon is dedicated to those who participated in Necktar 2017 and have died since : A few of your dreams is shining in our eyes. A bit of your spirits are vibrating in this music.

Burst Dedication :
Pikadon is dedicated to all the peoples who are trying to free themselves from the madness of their leaders. Who are trying to get rid of capitalism to save the planet, humanity and all living creatures.

Thanks :
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each participant for the meeting of our sound universes.
Thanks to the netlabels without whom this project would have been a little too much ambitious for my frail shoulders.
Thanks to Sono Sion for the discovery of Pikadon in his film “Rabu & Pîsu”.

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