STNR – Antigabber

STNR – Antigabber



“Gabber” is a word from the Dutch language spoken in the Netherlands. The word gabber translates to something like “buddy” or “friend”.

The defining characteristics of the gabber genre is fast tempos, with distorted drum machine sounds, typically using the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine. There is also a specific synth sound used to play the melodies, often called a “hoover” sound, sometimes described as a distorted, grainy, sweeping sound which feels dark and brooding in low frequencies. Other times when the hoover is played on the higher notes of the synthesizer keyboard it often sounds like an aggressive shrieking sound.

ANTIGABBER has nothing to do with that. Gabber is fucking stupid. Fuck all those weed smoking hippies in the Netherlands. Nobody likes that “gabber” bullshit. It’s not the 1990’s anymore. The sound on this album is the truest antigabber you will never hear. I hope you get a epileptic seizure listening to the hyperspeed blasts on this shit. It only slows down just enough to go hyperspeed again.

ANTIGABBER is the first step in achieving my lifelong mission to conquer the world with the ultimate goal of enslaving the human race and force them to build nuclear psychoactive mind controlling chemical weapons with massive destructive power to obliterate the entire earth and end the pathetic lives of all human scum.
releases February 1, 2020

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