Lamont Kohner – Nightly

Lamont Kohner – Nightly

Lamont Kohner


Lamont Kohner once again graces our catalog with NIGHTLY, another two-track single of oil-slicked techno chug and abandoned factory-floor bass. Backed with CHROMATOSE, these two cuts once again assert that Kohner has the hands of an old master, dominating a dancefloor while remaining just elusive enough to continually reveal hidden peaks and valleys inside the wash of low end and nightlife neon. NIGHTLY recalls a bit of Rhythm & Sound / Main Street classic dub thump before getting impatient and riding some cymbal over a slo-mo house kick and clap. CHROMATOSE spaces out the space even more, with a distant woodblock that could just as easily be heard through a wet drain coming up from a standpipe, and chords doubling the claps that remind us a little of classic Kompakt schaffel and Speicher barnburners. Just a drop on the tongue, you wouldn’t dare take any more of this into your system!

released February 17, 2020

W/P by Lamont Kohner. Text and design by ABM&D. This is Recycled Plastics number K4, and fourth in the K subcatalog of Lamont Kohner recordings.

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