King Elizabeth – The Awakening

King Elizabeth – The Awakening

King Elizabeth

“The Awakening”

King Elizabeth – The Awakening (VULP-0162)

Picking up from where King Elizabeth left off in 2012 with Miami, The Awakening contains all of the mesmerizing synth hooks and passionate vocal lines you’d hope for. The sultry “Mother” and churning title track “The Awakening” are among my favorites in this dark gleam of brilliance — 7 years in the making! — that Vulpiano Records is delighted to present.

Words from the artist:

It’s been a long journey to get to this point with many songs being written and recorded but never feeling right for the time. A lot of songs were scrapped and others placed on the back burner to come back to with fresh ears. Maybe it was a quest for perfection when perfection doesn’t exist, or just falling out of love with the songs at the time! It’s all contributed to the 7 years it’s taken to complete this record.

I had a new experience with writing and recording songs for this album. I usually have a vision for the album with the songs interconnected in some way. This time, I was just writing one song at a time—the ideas were for the individual songs, I had no greater vision. I had the lyrics and the music in my mind for that song and that song only at the time, then I’d move onto the next.

Over time I realised that the songs that stood out for me fitted together as well as any other album I’ve ever made—if not better. The beauty of this is that each song can really hold its own and doesn’t need a ‘before’ song or an ‘after’ song. The process was lengthy, but then when they all did come together it was an awakening. I hope this album awakens something inside everyone who kindly takes the time to listen to it.

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