Amotken – Life’s A Glitch

Amotken – Life's A Glitch


“Life’s A Glitch”

How do you think life originated?
Since bacteria were underwater, the first step in evolution was a mistake.
Thus all the steps that have led to evolution and survival have been errors and accidents: a deformation caused the bacteria to perceive light and develop eyes.
That genetic line survived, and it reproduced by inheriting its genes.
There have been errors in the genetic lines that allow organisms to perceive more information from their environment. By perceiving more information, they are able to survive and develop, protect themselves, and even manipulate this environment.
Natural selection and evolution are just mistakes…
Glitches in genetic systems.
Maybe it has no purpose at all.
We are all the result of a series of mistakes … We are all the result of a series of glitches.

Amotken presents his 4th album: “Life’s A Glitch“, the result of a two-year exploration where a synergy fusion between organic textures and digital and analog glitches takes place. Where electricity adjoins a wooden body and strings to explode in endless textures and changes, taking the narrative through the most innocuous places.

released April 9, 2020

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