Duelling Ants – Random Gestures

Duelling Ants – Random Gestures

Duelling Ants

“Random Gestures”

Random Gestures is an exploration of organic and spacial textures emerging from controlled and uncontrolled (random) processes. Soundscapes are «carved» out of landscapes of field recordings and sonic textures, with asynchronus parts and overdubs that creates micro melodies and unexpected bits. Improvisation with piano and acoustic guitar.

Tracks were recorded in 2019 using tape and tape loops on Tascam 414 mkII and Marantz pmd221, OP-1, Organelle, VCV Rack, Ableton and Max For Live, Avalanche Run, guitar, piano (Labs and Lekko) and field recordings.

The album is mastered by myself at a very basic level, so please listen on a good stereo or on decent headphones.

Thanks for listening !
released February 2, 2020

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