Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford – Hayagriva

Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford – Hayagriva

Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford


Vulpiano Records is pleased to present the enchanting ‘Hayagriva’ – five psychedelic, drone-drenched landscapes that inspire the imagination and offer an escape into another world.

Cassette (Limited edition gold cassette in jewel case w/full color 2-sided J-card. Comes with a download card for the album!): kaelinbougneit.bandcamp.com/merch/kaelin-bougneit-devon-ford-hayagriva-cassette

12 x 12 Hayagriva Print & Cassette Package:

Words from Kaelin Bougneit:
Devon and I recorded this (almost) entirely improvised record in short, scattered sessions in early 2019. There was essentially no planning between us and no communication between our equipment, and I think the tenuous, spontaneous nature of that was liberating for both of us. For the first half of this album I focused mostly on guitar and granular resampling; the last half is mostly vocal improv, all within Ableton Live. Thanks for your ears.

Bandcamp: kaelinbougneit.bandcamp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/KaelinBougneit
Subviolet Records (Kaelin’s Music): subviolet.com

Words from Devon Ford:
My part of the project comes from a 9U/312HP Eurorack built around drones, granular synthesis, tape splice/samples, and heavy modulation. I knew I wanted to get into this style when I was first introduced to the sounds of Lustmord. I have always been into crazy psychedelic music as well, so the sound takes on a mix of dark ambient and psychedelia.

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