Jan LF Strach – Implozjo Wizja! EP

Jan LF Strach – Implozjo Wizja! EP
[UPL 082]

Jan LF Strach

“Implozjo Wizja! EP”

Hopping into subspace, Diving into prememory etc – – My first work after logging out of facebook with teh beginning of this year – as per tradition, scampering heap of sounds played half-asleep within the last few years, drawing from everyt=where and nowhere. We have looped brass bands from Jasna Góra, something borrowed from a cassette bought at a pawn shop, preprogrammed, non-4/4 casio beats with psychedelic guitar solos , birds over the Rusałka lake. Every evening I stand before an impossible choice – to play a bit more, barely standing upright, or to go to sleep at normal time at least once – here is the result of these dilemmas – good night for now -_-
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